I Have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

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    I'm 14 and have cmt. I have had two surgeries due to the fact that the disease is progressing very fast. I am now on the swim team and doing week. people always thought I couldn't due anything becaus of my feet, but I probed them wrong and make the best of life. I'm also dyslexic...
    aerosmith48 aerosmith48
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    3 Responses Oct 7, 2012

    I Am 55 And Have Had Cmt Since I Was 3

    I am not sure what I want to say the most but here I go. When I was diagnosed with CMT at about 3 years old there was very little known about the disease, my Dad had it and his Dad had it and so did my father's brother, but my father was an airplane mechanic and a plane he had...
    Chelebub Chelebub
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    I am married and have been for 21 years, I am not only a lonely person I also suffer from bi-polar disorder and PSTD.  This has caused me to isolate myself and feel like nobody understands me.  I talk to nobody now, but I went to therapy for 8yrs.  It didn't work out like it...
    lonelyandrejected lonelyandrejected
    Sep 30, 2011

    Cmt - An Everyday Battle

    I'm 46, noticed changes around 25. But the last 10 yrs have been the worst. Managing to fool employer though. Last 5yrs it has been affecting my work (that i can notice) I'm a B pressure welder by trade. Think I have another 5-10 yrs of that kind of work left in me.
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    Does anyone have t CMT TYPE 1A with hypo tropic

    calve muscles (enlarged calves)?
    KaoriNyte KaoriNyte
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    CMT Part Of My Story:

    The most evil thing about Charcot Marie Tooth is that you can want to do everything in the world to get better and then you find that there is nothing you can do to get better. It seems like a worse diagnosis than if you were told you have cancer and there is only a 50 % chance...
    Chelebub Chelebub
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    All of My Life.

    Had this all of my life but Dr's up until 2003 said it was "all in my head" UGH! I was adopted within my family and while others have/had it no one had been diagnosed until me. They had all been treated for an array of other ailments from arthritis to carpel tunnel...
    Cntryloner Cntryloner
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    Anyone else with cmt discover

    that eating cannabis helps?
    prettyprude prettyprude
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    Feb 28, 2016
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