I Have Controlling Parents

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    My mother is the controlling parent

    who tries to control everyone and everything. Yesterday I received an unexpected phone call from my mom. It had been almost 2 years since we last spoke to each other. And then living million miles away doesn't help either. Two years ago, we had falling out I was the one who...
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    Aug 14, 2014

    I have a bad relationship with my parents,

    and still live at home. I'd move out as soon as I could. They say they don't trust me, and can't talk to me. And they can't, as I won't talk to them. They are controlling and manipulating everything I do, and I'm so sick and tired of it.
    dysfori dysfori
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 26, 2014

    Controlling Parents Use Their Individual Tactics To Try To "keep Me In Line".

    I am almost 28 years old, and have finally realized that my parents are, and always have been, controlling. My dad is 14 years older than my mom, so he comes from a different generation altogether. My test scores and grades never seemed good enough for him, even though I...
    carolina1983 carolina1983
    2 Responses May 10, 2011

    Ah ha ha ha can you believe

    that my parents are controlling, but the host family I'm in is also controlling! Ahahahaha it's like they matched the family according to my family! :O Every day, I have to be home for dinner! I can't be late!! I can't stay out any later. I can't skip dinner. The other day...
    EarlPhantomhive EarlPhantomhive
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Oct 28, 2015

    My parents have controlled my love life

    even though I am old enough to make decisions for myself. They made having a boyfriend a living hell, my dad calling my now ex, my mom following us to the library and yelling at us and that's not even the worst part of it. Let me know if I'm not alone in this!
    ariaarmani ariaarmani
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 27, 2016

    Getting Over Control...once I Finally Realized It Was Happening

    I never realized my parents were controlling until I moved away. At home, I knew my life felt grossly unfulfilled, I was rarely satisfied with myself and my goals, and I was always angry with my parents. It was unusual for me to voice these feelings, however...
    afterthefall afterthefall
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Nov 1, 2009

    First they were always talking badly about my

    friends.. Now they even want to control my love life.. so that I won't have one anymore. And I am going crazy.. I am 22, and they won't leave me alone
    Hunnybunay Hunnybunay
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Aug 14, 2015

    I have a little bit of a different experience

    that use to happen to me, thank god i finally got out of the house and got my own life and i have never been so happy and so "free" from the shacles of my parents. It was a very difficult time for me cause i had a disability with seizures but i finally pushed my self and went...
    link9us link9us
    31-35, M
    1 Response May 3, 2015

    This is my story. Im very confused

    as I love my mom and feel she is a good person. Ive seen her do great things. But as an adult I now have a lot of relationship problems and interpersonal difficulty. I dont know if how I was raised was normal. Ive tried talking to others about it but no one beleives that a...
    butterfly1779 butterfly1779
    36-40, F
    3 Responses May 22, 2014

    So I have a very controlling father.

    I'm 19 going to be 20 in a few months and all he wants to do is control me. After high school I went straight into beauty school and I am now a licensed cosmetologist. My father never accepted me being a cosmetologist. He thinks it's a job not a career but it's my passion. It's...
    someoneunimportant03 someoneunimportant03
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 20, 2015

    Greetings, Group : ) I really need some

    support, so I joined a support group! Here's my story ; I'm from Alabama. Fifteen years ago I married the love of my life, and eight years later I was a widow. I went back home to my parents. Dad had ALZ, and was always one mean SOB in the first place, and got very dangerous as...
    NomdeVoyage NomdeVoyage
    51-55, F
    1 Response Aug 4, 2015

    For anyone out there

    that has survived having strict overprotective parents in any way, shape or form and have been able to finally make it out on your own and establish your independence, whatever age you may be, please let me know how you did it! How did you go about getting out of there, how...
    beccaishere89 beccaishere89
    26-30, F
    1 Response Oct 21, 2014

    I'm 31 years old single guy.

    I live with my parents I'm their breadwinner. I've al always been open to them that I have a life of my own and I want to live it without them trying to control me. Thing is, my mother, I think, is overly-dramatic. Whenever I bring up to her the topic of me leaving the house to...
    herooftheyear herooftheyear
    31-35, M
    4 Responses Jun 4, 2015

    I don't have any control over my life.

    Everything I do nowadays is because they made me. If I want a college education, it's by their rules. They even will decide who I will get married and pressure me into having kids in the future.
    deleted deleted
    May 19, 2015

    Mom Still Controls My Life As An Adult

    My mother has been controlling me my entire life. Up until I was 14, she did my homework for me because she felt I was too dumb to know how to do it. She never ever encouraged me to take an extra-curricular activity or make and spend time with friends. Her belief was that I...
    StrawberryPocky StrawberryPocky
    22-25, F
    64 Responses Aug 10, 2010

    I Feel Like My Parents Don't Accept Me For Who I Am

    I am 24 years old and I feel like my parents are still trying to control my life. I live in a condo that my Dad bought, but my boyfriend and I pay  him rent every month and we generally keep a comfortable distance from both sides of our families. There are usually no problems...
    DreamerJade DreamerJade
    10 Responses Feb 5, 2012

    my mother wants me to be perfect,

    straight A's and to become a doctor of some sort. she also wants me to dress like a girl and look like one. well maybe I don't want to, maybe I feel like a guy and want to stick with it for awhile. maybe I want to be a writer, photographer and artist.
    PrinceNeko PrinceNeko
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 13, 2015

    Controlling Parents Attempt To Steal Your Identity And Make It Their's

    (I posted this as a confession , but thought I would also share it here) How in the world can I love my controlling parent? My mom and I were estranged for six months after a stunt she pulled where I just couldn't take it anymore. It was the best and in some parts worst (breaking...
    growwhereyouglow growwhereyouglow
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Apr 5, 2012

    I'm 41 years old , married with 2 children .

    My mother still insists on trying to tell me what to do . If I decide to go out with my friends , she will snub her nose in the air and tell me I don't need to go out for drinks at a bar cause all she thinks is I'm there looking for men and I don't need to do this or that no...
    js1276 js1276
    41-45, F
    1 Response May 30, 2015

    Everyday I hear some stories about other people

    my parents always are fighting and seems like everyone else is fighting to my mom never agrees with anything I say it always looks like that I'm wrong can I never feel like anyone ever believes me and ignores me slowly everything closes in on me results in the same place that...
    SnowyTehWolf SnowyTehWolf
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Sep 20, 2015

    the most annoying thing abt some parents is

    that .....they raise us in the way they had been raised....and they expect us to understand tht........i mean come on......tht era was different and this is different.....!!they say we we never had sooo many clothes as u hav u shud take less clothes......we nvr used mobile...
    candace97cathrine candace97cathrine
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Oct 28, 2015

    At first, when I suggested

    that I'd go and drop my grandparents off at my aunt's place in another country, and then come back home and go back there with the rest of the family later during Christmas, they called me selfish and shameless and emotionally blackmailed me into agreeing to stay there for 2...
    RH17 RH17
    22-25, F
    Dec 4, 2015

    I'm struggling with my parents at the moment.

    I'm 29 I have my own house which I also own with my mum. My parents live 10 minute walk from me. I had a nasty break up in March. I had been living with my boyfriend we got a beagle and he got an engagement ring. Before we had met he had booked to go traveling and was not going...
    Lannestone Lannestone
    Jul 11, 2015

    I'm tired of my parents wanting me to do things

    their own way. Even if I go out I have to tell them almost everything, so I don't leave the house. N when I don't leave house they say I do nothing n I only m on ma mob whole the time. Even when I'm out shopping with em, I can't buy what I like. But when my mom likes something...
    CuteDelilah CuteDelilah
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Oct 4, 2015

    My dad has raised me

    since i was little, without barely any help from my mom. I feel like as i reach into my 12th grade year he is starting to become more controlling than usual. My dad wont say it directly to me, but i know he dosent want me to leave him and start my own life after highschool. He...
    magnolian magnolian
    18-21, F
    Jul 14, 2015

    My parents judge me and I'm tired of it.

    I told them that I was into bdsm and they freaked out. They took all of my electronics. I'm using my best friends ipod to post this right now and it sucks. I can't trust my parents with anything because I never know how they'll react to it. I can't talk to my mom about anything...
    SexyAngelBitches SexyAngelBitches
    22-25, F
    4 Responses May 13, 2015

    My parents don't respect my decisions.

    They are trying to control my life, I'm 19 I can make my own choices. I don't know what to do.
    riley4448 riley4448
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 7, 2015

    Almost 40 And My Mother Still Tries To Control Me

    I am at my wits end and being shunned by my parents. I have a very domineering mother. If you disagree with her religion or opinions you are nothing. She came from a domineering mother herself and has never broken the cycle. I was as she was raised in a religion within a religion...
    srch4sanity srch4sanity
    5 Responses Aug 6, 2012

    I grew up in a single mother household,

    it's always been just me and her. I have two half siblings from her previous marriage , but we never had a relationship. My mom has been married a few times ( I want to say 4?) but they always end in divorce. She has a very strong personality and obviously can be very difficult...
    ceejay1890 ceejay1890
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 1, 2015

    I (26/f) am about to move out

    and I haven't told them, I'm scared of my Nmom sabotaging everything just because she thinks "family comes first" and then ignore how I feel, I'm moving out to another country with my fiance (who they have met but don't know we got engaged) my Nmom is racist, my Fiance is black...
    Ashhe Ashhe
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Sep 28, 2015

    I'm 21 and have been away at college the past 3

    years. This is the first summer I've come home, and now I know why. My mom tells me everything I can and can't do, who I can and can't see, and when. I understand she wants things her way, but she doesn't understand that I've been doing my own thing for 3 years, and that's not...
    hazel9 hazel9
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jul 30, 2015

    My university Is located on the soutskirt of

    town that lacks any means of transportation. My father planned to buy me a cheap motorbike . My mother said no on the ground that if I had a motorbike I would not study and would spend my time going to places. Besides campus bus that departs every one hour and ended service...
    hatemymum hatemymum
    22-25, M
    Jun 7, 2015

    My parents are sooooo controlling.

    We live on a farm and they say it is to dangerous for me to roam around. They always want to know where I am. I am 15
    bananasandapples bananasandapples
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jan 17, 2016

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    manusundr manusundr
    51-55, M
    Aug 22, 2015

    that is an understatement!

    I'm not even allowed to have my own opinion!
    deleted deleted
    Aug 20, 2015

    Both my parents (my mom especially) are

    extremely controlling. Most people will say that its for my protection, but this is going way beyond that. They have settings on my computer to see every little thing I do. They will probably end up seeing this too. They put a setting on my laptop to shut off at a certain...
    kaylabear252 kaylabear252
    16-17, F
    2 Responses May 3, 2015

    My parents are so controlling

    and treat me like a little baby STILL. I still live with them and they STILL dont think I'm ready. I have autism, Depression (take meds for it), have a violent temper sometiems and whatever. I live on disability and I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. My parents...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jan 20, 2016
    polylove0210 polylove0210
    22-25, F
    Jan 31, 2016

    I had to ask for permission to go anywhere else

    than the room I shared with my two sisters. Same for eating snacks or watching TV. I hated it when I was young but now I understand and I am grateful how my parents raised me as that helps me to be a good mother for my children now as well.
    familyindiscipline familyindiscipline
    26-30, F
    1 Response Nov 26, 2015

    I recently came out to my parents

    and they are Christian. Mom was immediately hounding me to talk to a pastor about being gay and dad told me a horror story of his best friend in high school who was gay. Dad punched him for being this way. Later the guy got AIDS and dad feels that he deserved it for being a...
    jxlecler jxlecler
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Aug 25, 2014

    my first talk with my parents.

    this happened 2 nights ago I told my parents I wanted to talk very seriously with them about my problems in my life. first it was that he did not want more drugs for ADHD and other difficulties that I have well they told me they were going to think and today was that I...
    sly99 sly99
    13-15, M
    1 Response Sep 7, 2015

    Breaking Free

    I have been controlled by my mother my whole life. I was a surprise to my parents, my older brother is 13 yrs older than me. I don't think my mother was too pleased at the idea of starting all over with a baby, so my older sisters mostly raised me, until they married and moved...
    toxicchild toxicchild
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 12, 2013

    Got a B in a college level class in high school

    while taking three other AP classes? Lemme go **** myself for bringing shame upon my famiry
    tastyfurnace tastyfurnace
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Dec 17, 2013

    I grew up with very controlling parents

    but I'm better off I didn't get in trouble like alot of girls. I had 1 bf since my dad picked him im now married to him. Have been for 16 almost 17 years. Parents that don't keep on an eye on their kids is when they get in trouble.
    southernlady32 southernlady32
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Apr 3, 2015

    How parents screw up their kids.

    .. If you are a parent or planning to be one day, I hope you will read this. When I was a toddler, it was obvious to everyone that i was creative. But how did my parents react to me painting on walls with shoe polish or cutting circles out of clothes? Physical punishment, that...
    Loufree Loufree
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jan 3, 2015

    I'm 18, and my mom has always controlled my

    life. Every time I was relaxing at home, she would always urge me to do my homework. But instead of nagging, she made it seem like it was a big plan for the day or weekend: "Now you just have to make sure that you do the dishes and your homework, and everything will be fine...
    graduallyventuring graduallyventuring
    22-25, F
    1 Response Sep 1, 2014
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