I Have Crps Type 2 Aka Rsd The Worse Type Of Chronic Pain

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    My Journey Here's a bit about me & my journey

    so far.. The ribs were diagnosed on 1/27/15 I am 39, 2 children, Chase & Meghen, and a partner, J, We have 3 cats and 2 dogs, animal lovers yes we are! Between 2000 and 2009 I had 8 surgeries! One resulted in CRPS Type 1 in my right arm. On 12/16/11 I fell at work on a piece...
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    Hope you will like this Youtube video.

    It has with CRPS to do... : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LyB1p2nKHR8
    kristhy kristhy
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    Jan 29, 2015

    Feel So Alone With Crps + Care For Elderly Parents. I Hurt All Over, 24/7

    Hi Everyone, I'm SO glad to have found this group.  I live with severe chronic pain 24/7 for the past 8+ years.  I lost my career b/c of the constant pain, then lost my home, fiancee and friends...had to claim a bankruptcy b/c of medical bills and had to move back...
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    I have had CRPS/RSD since 2002.

    Initially in left arm following Ulnar nerve transposition for cubital tunnel syndrome, but in 12 years it has spread to both feet/legs and small part of right arm. Pain is devastating but manageable, but the cluster of other symptoms like depression & sensitivities make life...
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    Rsd(s)/crps- Fire 'n Flight

    Where Pain and Depression Collide by Twinkle (EKV) VanFleet Originally began writing this Sept 6, 2005.   I was injured while working at Tower Mart, dba, Tower Energy, January 26th of 2001. I was taken to the hospital from my workplace nearly immediately after by...
    rsdcrpsfire rsdcrpsfire
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    Do you know the feeling

    that you need to be strong when around your family and also maybe friends even if you worried or sad... That you can't show it? I have crps and have had since I was 1 years old. Got from a acident in a handball matche. My doctor feelt some hard bump outest lead on 1 finger...
    kristhy kristhy
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    I Had A Work Place Injury And Am Now Struggling To Make It Through

    i fell at work last May 20, 2011 on a wet floor with no wet floor sign up. if only someone followed the safety regulations i would not have had this accident. its been almost a year and i am in the worse pain of my life and it feels like because people can't see my injury. they...
    bmakort bmakort
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    So I am up for several more tests this week. They are still trying to confirm my diagnosis. It has been a year now, and I am still being subjected to horrendous tests. I feel like a lab rat! My Neuropathy and muscle wasting is advancing so fast they don't know what to do. I am...
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    I Have Crps Type 2 And In The Army

    i tell you at the time i feel the warmth of tears running down my face as i am forced to stand in formation or to do the simple desk job they ask me to do i was diagnosed 2 months ago with CRPS type 2 i am being medborded out of the army and now i wait for the 9 months it takes i...
    armydad1083 armydad1083
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    I have CRPS Type II,

    and have had it for quite some time. The bottom of my right foot is the area effected, and the pain is getting worse. I have decided to have my foot amputated to try to bring an end to it. I know this is not recommended for type I, but type II is different, it doesn't usually...
    wbrianiii wbrianiii
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    Feb 22, 2016


    It all started in June of 2009 ,when I woke up with a claw hand,numb and sore. Went to the ER where they did x-rays/MRI. And was referred to a neurologist,who then did another Mri of the wrist,and Electromyogram (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies.Which showed servere tendonitis...
    shanann33 shanann33
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    Mar 4, 2012

    Chronic Regional Pain Syndrone And The Next Its Complex Then The Next Its Chronic...if They Dont Know How Do I

     I went to work one day looking after old people always rushing and trying hard to please and then she was about to fall i was in the middle of putting on my protective boots to keep dry while showering her.  The boot broke between my thumb and finger and my hand swung back...
    wmkaren wmkaren
    Apr 18, 2012

    I have had it for a year along with Raynauds.

    I leave Monday to go to Children's hospital of Pittsburgh to try to get help for it.
    itstiffanylea itstiffanylea
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    Crps 2 And Running - Who Has Experiences?

    I've got crps 2 in my left foot after a hernia surgery back in 2005. Unfortunately the hernia was not gone and I needed a second operation in 2007, you can image how afraid I was. At that time I worked at a health organization and heard about a new treatment: resetting the brain...
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