I Have Depression, and Don't Like the Title Name

Basically, what it's called, I have depression, and I don't like the word used, I know it's very apt and descriptive, but I don't like it and prefer to use other descriptives. 2 People

    I want to tell you I'm helpless,

    I want to show you my scars, I want to scream till I can scream no more. so many thoughts. dear friend, please I beg, answer me, pick up the phone, tell me it's okay, stop me, stop this. I beg you. help. inside this cavity I lie. a knock on the door, any sign of life, hope...
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    Dec 8, 2013

    Short Stuff

    OK, this is the second draft, it was just growing so long. So basically, I have depression, I can't stand the name. That's quite simple. I've had depression for a very long time, it does hurt, and as a result, I've hurt myself and probably a few people around me, which I never...
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