I Have Diabetic Amyotrophy

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    I Have Type 1

    I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years. In April of this year I started noticing weakness in my legs and then it just kept getting worse and worse. I have been going to the dr the whole time, and only found out that I have this Sept 21,2012.
    Jackie99705 Jackie99705
    41-45, F
    Sep 24, 2012

    I Want To Walk Again.

    So in May, 2012 I had a stroke during open heart surgery. The day after I went home I was sturk with diabetic amyothrophy. The stroke hit center part of the brain and made my legs very weak and I was using a walker. When the Amyotrophy hit it totally disabled my legs, and also...
    markslighthouse markslighthouse
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jan 31, 2013

    I Did Not Know There Was Anything This Painful On Earth!

    I am Angela and am 41 years old.  I started getting weak and had a hard time walking due to feeling so weak but about 5 months ago I became very painful especially in one side of my lower body.  The pain is sever now and on both sides.  Burning and strangulation of...
    lilbabyangie lilbabyangie
    2 Responses May 31, 2010

    I Wish I Could Take His Pain Away

    My hubby has been diagnosed with diabetic amyotrophy. He's had type2 diabetes for about 6 years. It all began about 10 months ago with unexplained weight loss. At first he was just eating anything and everything he wanted, but he just kept losing weight! He was okay with it...
    avrille69 avrille69
    2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

    Early Warnings

    I AM NOW 70 AND 1/2 YEArs old.  When I was 68 I had periods of weakness which didn't last moe than a few minutes.  What was the pre-cursor of eveything was a pronounced bleeding of the gums around all of the teeth.   A visit to a dentist who had knowledge of...
    jcn jcn
    2 Responses Jan 18, 2009

    Scary Diagnosis

    I was recently diagnosed with diabetic Amyotrophy. I am starting to experience very severe pain. At this point it is just my right leg. Have been using a cane for about Six weeks. I am afraid to use narcotics too often. I am afraid of addiction. Pain wakes me up at night I am...
    terijara terijara
    56-60, F
    Sep 5, 2013

    I Want My Old Life Back ... I Miss It

    I started walking with difficulty in early 2009. I have had a few doses of IgG infusion, but did not help much. I have had steroids, have used the Chi machine, all to no avail. Also havearm and hand weakness with significant muscle wasting throughout my body. I try to climb...
    steeda steeda
    46-50, M
    1 Response Apr 29, 2010

    It Will Pass (mostly)

    I developed diabetic amyotrophy 3 years ago. I would be walking along and suddenly it was like my whole foot was missing, I'd fall down. In about 2 months, the muscles on the tops of my thighs had weakened considerably. I lost 40 pounds. I couldn't stand up, I couldn't walk. I...
    Cosumne Cosumne
    61-65, F
    11 Responses Mar 7, 2011
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