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I Have Encountered Women In The Men's Bathroom

I use public restrooms a lot, and have encountered women over the years. Apparently this is common. Please, no sex in these stories. 93 People

    Coed College Bathrooms - I Saw A Lot

    I went to a college that had become coed about 20 years before my freshman year, but had only provided housing for women for a few years before my freshman year.  Some of the dorms had a women’s floors, but most were all male.  There was one single bathroom...
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    1 Response Mar 3, 2010

    My experience was in the men's locker area in a

    Spa at a Barcelo Resort in the Dominican Republic. The spa had separate men's and women's locker rooms, and each side contained a sauna and steam room. The locker area contained shower areas as well. I visited this spa several times during our resort stay, and each time I was...
    dekkroeeor dekkroeeor
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Dec 26, 2013

    I am one of those women.

    Sometimes you have to go, and the line is too long, or the one restroom is already taken......
    Twinkletoejam Twinkletoejam
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Jul 21, 2015

    Another Day, Another Two Girls In The Men’s Room

    This is almost a daily occurrence.  I had heard that the women’s room on my floor in my office building was flooded.  I went to the men’s room, and proceeded to the urinal to pee.  As I was using the urinal, I heard two toilets flush (there were two...
    alan123454321 alan123454321
    36-40, M
    4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

    Why Is It Always Women Cleaning The Men’s Bathroom?

    I am working late, and just returned from a bathroom trip.  A few minuites ago, I entered the men’s room, and headed straight for one of the urinals.  As usual, I stood back, not wanting the pee to splash on me. In walks someone behind me, but I cannot see...
    alan123454321 alan123454321
    36-40, M
    3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

    Last Night At A Restaurant

    I had to go last night, and the lady's room bathroom was out of order.  I went back to my seat, but could wait no longer.  I returned and entered the men's room, and the urinal was in use by a hot and apparently well-equipped guy.  I asked if it was OK, and he...
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    2 Responses Jun 27, 2010

    It Was Me... I Am Sorry!

    Of course you have.  I am a woman that is guilty of going to the Men's restroom if the line is too long in the ladies. So if this encounter you are referring to happened at a recent Indianapolis Colts game it was fungirl.  However in my defense I had drank way too...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    32 Responses Feb 25, 2010

    I Was Desparate And Drunk, So I Removed My Bathing Suit In The Men's Room In Front Of A Stranger

    OK, this is a bit weird, but it happened. I was on the beach near a beach town, and had a bit to drink that I needed to pee.  It was about 9:00 in the evening.  Although friends were there, I walked alone to the bathroom.  I was afraid of getting a sunburn, and...
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    4 Responses Feb 25, 2010

    A Very Drunk Girl In The Men's Bathroom

    When I was in college (and the drinking age was 18), we went over to a party in a freshman dorm.  The building was a World War II vintage concrete building shaped as an “L”.  There were dorm rooms up and down the hall, and a large, barracks style bathroom...
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    1 Response Mar 18, 2010

    It's the only place I can take a dump in peace

    and as long as you stay in the stall dudes never know. The women's bathroom is always filled or even has a line. No one ever goes into the men's br!
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    1 Response Oct 2, 2015

    I guess this is an inequality thing.

    As a student, we used to attend events, and there are plenty of places for a man to pee. In the same amount of space, there are fewer stalls for women, so there were always massive queues. I have to say, if I was a woman, I would have had to be desperate to go into some of those...
    jumpersforgoalposts jumpersforgoalposts
    51-55, M
    Jul 4, 2015

    I Used To See Them Quite Regularly In The Men's Bathrooms

    When I was in college, the bathrooms in the male dorms were basically co-ed. Women came and went as they pleased, presumably while they were visiting their boyfriends. It didn't really bother me, but I never understood why women would actually want to venture in to the male...
    kiuz645 kiuz645
    31-35, M
    1 Response Dec 1, 2010

    So this is a similar senario

    but im a dude and accidently went in the womans bathroom. So i was robotripping pretty hard (on dxm). And i went with my friend to walmart and i had to use the bathroom. So i walk in the bathroom, go in a stall and start peeing. after i was done i was washing my hands, and i...
    guitarspro guitarspro
    22-25, M
    Jul 4, 2015

    Sharing A Bathroom With A Broker Of The Opposite Sex

    I travel a lot in and near a fairly liberal city (and its suburbs).  Over the last 25 years, I have encountered many women in what should be men’s bathrooms.  I have reached the point where it seems normal, and don’t even attempt to cover up any more...
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    Feb 25, 2010
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