I Have Felt Nothing Before

This is a group for people who during certain parts of their life, whether briefly or for a long period of time, felt completely void of any emotion, desire, motivation, interest,etc., like a machine. 19 People

    Completely Empty Inside

    I've had times of depression in my life, and times of happiness. Right now I'm happy, and fortunately depression seems to be a thing of the past for me. During the times of depression, there were other distinct periods of time where I felt absolutely nothing. I wasn't...
    brightwings brightwings
    18-21, M
    1 Response Dec 24, 2007


    Im not sure why but emotions is just a word to me, one day i would feel some emotions and other times i feel nothing at all like its all gone and i could care less, maybe i do have a whole for my heart for certain things and im ok with that were all different in many ways and...
    AnnoyedDiamond01 AnnoyedDiamond01
    Jul 28, 2012
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