I Have Food Intolerances

A pharmacological reaction to the chemicals in foods. 21 People

    I B S Sucks.

    Nearly all my food intolerances are IBS-related. I have a hard time eating red meat, pork, anything fried or fatty at all. I also am lactose intolerant. I really wish that I could go back to eating whatever I want like a normal person, but I know that's just never going to happen...
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    I have about 16 food intolerances that are making my life a misery - painful lower GI, IBS, bloating, flatulence, you name it - I've got it!   Can anyone help please with some sort of 'antidote'  for this painful and depressing problem?   I take a large...
    cedricshrew cedricshrew
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    It Gets Hard Sometimes

    Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances and over the years I've become sensitive to some of the foods I was using as a substitute, eg soy for dairy. The list is about 14 now. While I apprecriate the fact that my rather limited diet is very healthy...
    splash64 splash64
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    Mar 11, 2010

    It's getting harder and harder

    for me to have 'fun' these days. It was my birthday on Saturday and my family came over and we had a nice lunch with Turkish bread, dips, bbq'd kofta meatballs with green beans and this was followed up with a beautiful birthday cake made from a packet. I accompanied that with...
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    Egg Yolk  (Sight and Taste) Powdered Cheese  (Taste) Dorritos  (Smell and Taste) Funyuns  (Taste) Double Chocolate Swiss Cake Rolls  (Sight and Taste) Banana Bread  (Taste) Oatmeal  (Taste) Popcorn  (Smell...
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