I Have Friends That Were Murdered

I think this is self explanatory. 43 People

    I Hate People Who Kill, Hurt And God Those Bastards

    My first friend his name was Canon Christian Jones and he was 18..he wouldve been 21 anyways he was robbed at gunpoint for the $40 dollars he had in his wallet and then because the girl whose boyfriend was the one doing it said his name outloud the guy afraid that Canon would...
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    Sweet Felicity

    Just yesterday I lost a dear friend.She was only 14 years old and was shot to death by her mother's boyfriend. Evidently there was a long history of domestic abuse in the household, and Felicity just got innocently caught in the middle. It is such a tragedy. I think I'm still in...
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    I've Had 6 People In My Life Violently Murdered

    Started when I was 13 yo, last one was 4 years ago. 3 people were shot and 3 were stabbed. Growing up where I did I thought this history was natural. I've been healing for awhile now. 2KM
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    Hello everyone! I came across this group and I have read through some really heartbreaking and emotional stories. But the fact that you are all remaining so strong truly is remarkable and an inspiration to many! I am a feature writer for women's in the UK, and I was wondering if...
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    Rip Jade And Your Precious Baby

    My childhood friend, Jade, was absolutely beautiful. She was bright, tough, and had a passion for her friends. We were very close during middle school, but when freshman year came, I transferred schools. We said our goodbyes and talked every now and then. I still remember the day...
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    Police Never Caught The Guy.

    .Her name was Helen. I knew her from my working place. She was the niece of my boss and she would come in with her 2 brothers and stay till the place closed. She was 19 at the time but I liked talking to her 13 year old brother cause like me, he liked wrestling so we would talk...
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    Barb & Charlie

    I don't know how someone can lose two people in one year to unrelated homicides in a small normally quiet town, but I did. I love you Barb and Charlie man, we were best friends. I am so sorry that happened to you.
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    Apr 12, 2011


    I was hanging out at a bookstore with some of my friends. At about 9 or 10 I got a text message from another friend of mine telling me a friebd that I considered a brother was in the hospital. He got shot in the neck. At that moment, the world got gray and silent. I was in shock...
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    Family Actually.

      December 17, 2007 I lost two uncles. I was 17. My uncle Ronnie, (he was the oldest of four boys) my uncle John, (second oldest) my dad, (the youngest) their friend Ricky and their friend Brady were all hanging out at my grandparents house. (My dad and Ronnie lived there...
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