I Have Fun On the Computer

For any one that loves to chat and what ever on the great internet 53 People


    Well this is one place you can have fun 24/7 you can talk or do just about anything you would like with someone else. You can talk and make new friends or any thing you like.....  
    redman redman
    46-50, M
    Nov 26, 2007

    Describe the best features of your operating

    system for me. Also, what's so awesome about your hardware?
    iCuriousBabe iCuriousBabe
    41-45, F
    Jul 21, 2015

    Sure Do

    Probably the only reason I come on it. Who'd go on they're computer to be depressed - no!!! - don't answer that! I don't want to know. I'm happy being happy, leave me alone!!
    Luangi Luangi
    18-21, F
    Dec 17, 2007
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