I Have High Blood Pressure

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    I'm Too Young For This!!!

    Okay, so I'm 20 years old. And I have high blood pressure. That kind of freaks me out! Yesterday, I went to the doctor's. She wanted to put me on a medication that slows down my heart rate. WHAT? All of my family members have high blood pressure and there is a lot of heart...
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    167/101 yikes! I walked about 4 minutes

    and came inside. Heart rate wasn't great, either
    Hanna2012 Hanna2012
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    I Have High Blood Pressure

    it is under control with hyzzarr . i am learning to eat better and take care of my self .
    stuwebb2 stuwebb2
    56-60, M
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    High Blood Pressure At 18

    I'm 18 years old, and I have high blood pressure.  I'm on prescription meds for it, which I absolutly hate.  I had kidney problems when I was very young, and now I have stage II kidney disease.  Because my kidneys are so scarred, my blood pressure increased. ...
    wsmith14 wsmith14
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    Severe High Blood Pressure

    Im 24 and I've known my blood pressure was high for years. Recently it got so high I can't ignore it anymore. Avg 215/120. Needless to say the docs are freaking. Also informed I have high cholesterol to add to it
    Attiah Attiah
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    No More Salt!

    Yep, I'm only 38 and high blood pressure.  I found out when I had my wisdom teeth out; they checked it 3 different times, and the nurse looked me in the eye and told me "You have to go see your family doctor about this".  So I did, the doctor put me on Dyazide...
    DMKfromIN DMKfromIN
    36-40, M
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    I Have High Blood Pressure And I Want To Lower It Without Meds.

    Hi! I never had high blood pressure in my life. It started this last May. I am overweight female and I dont do exercise. I am 48 years old. My doctor recommended to take the pill but I refused. After that, I started to eat food without salt and started my daily routine of...
    Beadi Beadi
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    Is 138 over 90-something high

    for a 19 year old?
    Dreambrother Dreambrother
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    1 Response Nov 7, 2015

    hello... My name is Su.

    .. but you can call me susu... i am 21 this year... and I have HBP... 145/100 I could swore that when the docter said that.... my BP rose even higher... dammit... the next thing he said was... I will put you on meds... and you don't need to marry anymore... you can't have kids...
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    The Silent Killer...

    Yesterday I felt really bad.  I had a doctor's appointment...i knew my blood pressure was up because I ran out of medication...at the beginning of the month.  I tried to get them to give me more to last me until the appointment but the phone nurse at my doctor's office...
    genniangel0 genniangel0
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    I Fixed It, Now Great Bp

    Hi I am a 66yr old male,with a long history of hypertension, and due to my Wife passing away through cancer last January, I have got into many bad ways, heavy drinking smoking etc., and my BP has been steadily rising even with me taking medication. So last month I decided to fast...
    stuartl stuartl
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    Side Effects Of Adalat

    My doctor prescribed me adalat cc 30 mg tablet to control my blood pressure. I am very afraid to have this for my blood pressure. Can anybody narrate the side effects of this medication.
    dorothyhiggin dorothyhiggin
    26-30, F
    Aug 6, 2012

    My blood pressure (without medication) is

    usually about 220/110. With medication it is around 190/87
    IrishPA IrishPA
    41-45, M
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    im on one tablet a day

    for my blood pressure and i don't like taking it i don't want to be on pills for the rest of my life
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    Must Do Better

    I have HBP. I am on medication but wasn't watching my diet or exercising. Now I've developed pre-diabetes. I've now put myself on an exercise program.30 minutes cardio a day. At least 150 minutes a week. Daily meditation. Yoga at home and in a studio when time allows. And...
    tjfire2012 tjfire2012
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    17 Year Old 151/110

    Well the title explains it all i'm 17 and my blood pressure when i went to the doctors this morning was 151/110 and they have no clue why yet. I may have a problem with my kidney's or my heart. I hope it's nothing serious. My mom's and dad's side of the family have blood pressure...
    asumhananh asumhananh
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    I was just informed that I have high blood

    pressure does anyone have any tips
    RealAnthony2014 RealAnthony2014
    16-17, M
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    I'm rather healthy. I eat healthy,

    I exercise and try to remain zen. But my Achilles heel is and has always been high blood pressure. Oh and alcohol consumption but that's another matter entirely. I did several blood pressure tests throughout the day. Because doing just one to determine your most accurate blood...
    MrsAnnThropy MrsAnnThropy
    36-40, F
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    Abnormal Bp For A Teenager .

    im 16 , have a normal weight, eat relativly healthy and get pleanty of exercise but strangly enough my average bp is 158 over 112 horrified of doctors .. trying to stay away from them about that for as long as i can is their anything i should do to try to lower it ? is...
    teddy26052 teddy26052
    13-15, F
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    Explain This Please

    I was a bit stoked to see my top number drop this morning to 136! It's been a long time since it's been under 150. My question is why is what does the other number mean? I know I've asked MnM to explain it before but I'm confused. Officially at 6:30 this morning it was 136/93...
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
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    How Long To Get The Meds Right?

    Just got out of the hospital. My 'borderline' high blood pressure has crossed the line in a big way. Spent 3 days in the hospital, no signs of heart damage. I still don't feel 'right.' How long did it take you to get used to the meds?
    quieter quieter
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    I Have High Blood Pressure

    I had preclampsia when I was pregnant with my son over seven years ago. I was on high blood pressure medication while I was pregnant. The medication didn't help and I had to be induced because they worried I would have seizures. I was on high blood pressure medication for a...
    beaniefiend beaniefiend
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    Side Effects Of Adalat

    My doctor prescribed me adalat cc 30 mg tablet which i bought here http://www.internationaldrugmart.com/adalat.html#printinfo to control my blood pressure. I am very afraid to have this for my blood pressure. Can anybody narrate the side effects of this medication.
    dorothyhiggin dorothyhiggin
    26-30, F
    Aug 6, 2012

    This Coffee Lowers Blood Pressure

    This coffee is now known to lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Check it out here if you like what you see and want a free sample I will send one. Also people are getting off their blood pressure medicine!!!!! www.myjavita.com/javaheaven
    antney77 antney77
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    My Blood Pressure Is Sometimes Very High.

    On 3/2/2008 at 2:01 PM, my blood pressure was 217/116. The next day at 2:55 pm it was 226/98. On 4/5/2008 at 7PM my blood pressure was 239/99. On one occasion I got a really odd BP reading of 239/57. I have been monitoring my blood pressure for the past 20 years, and often...
    BayAreaBiker BayAreaBiker
    Jul 9, 2008

    Recommend A Monitor?

    I bought one of those wrist cuff monitors, it was on sale. Anyone have opinions/advice on home monitors? They all swear they are accurate. I went for the wrist as I am tired of the soreness of the arm monitor, but I suspect the upper arm is still the best place to get a good BP?
    quieter quieter
    46-50, F
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    Barely Alive To Tell This Story...

    When i was 14 I was diagnosted with severe hypertension... My blood pressure at the time was 220/150. My doc said i was lucky to be alive because I also have Kidney problems and a slightly irregular heartbeat.
    L1B3R83R L1B3R83R
    18-21, M
    1 Response Mar 10, 2010

    My Problem With High Blood Pressure

      I have problem with high blood pressure. Before everything was ok, and my pressure was normal 122/82 according to bloodpressuremagazine.com but few monthes ago everything changed. My blood pressure levels now 138/92 and i feel dizziness most of time. Doctor tell me to...
    bobbyme bobbyme
    36-40, M
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    Too Many Red Bulls(Drink)

    so im in a long distance relationship at the moment, and my bf has told me 4 times already he has to be rushed to the hospital for drinking too many energy drinks, he could die??? or maybe hes just got really high blood pressure and it dosnt help bekoz he is on anti psychotic...
    shayeshaye shayeshaye
    18-21, F
    Jan 30, 2013

    I'm 22 years old, I'm a female

    and I'm at an average weight for someone of my height and built. My current blood pressure is 162/95 and am currently being tested for a heart condition. I've always worried alot and have had panic attacks and break downs in the past.. But I honestly never thought it would...
    keepingitrealgirl keepingitrealgirl
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    Extremely worried about BP I like to start off

    by saying I've been dealing with health anxiety and OCD since I was a teenager. I am 32 now. I've been with my doctor for over 6 years, she's great and very understanding -- always reassuring me that I am healthy. I went to ER for different reasons and EKG always normal. I've...
    highbpguy highbpguy
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    A Known Fact!

    I've been on B/P Medication going on 7 years now, & last week I thought of an idea of how to lower it without Medication. I completely stopped eating "JUNK FOOD". The food we buy today are literally killing us. I dont eat bread anymore, icecream, candy bars, chips, and a whole...
    JB4J JB4J
    51-55, F
    1 Response Sep 15, 2011

    In Orbit With The ISS...

    On April 8th, 2007, I woke up unable to see out of my right eye. It looked like a dump-truck-load of asphalt had been dumped on my windshield. It was Easter Sunday. I had been planning to go to a sunrise Easter service, but that was down the drain. I had had an eye-stroke. The...
    pipermac pipermac
    61-65, M
    Apr 26, 2013

    Helping People Live a Longer Life Is My

    Business!!! #highbloodpressure #highcholesterol #highbloodsugar #weightcontrol #dietfood #diabetes #physicalinactivity #obesity #stress
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    Oct 18, 2015

    Hbp At 19, Boohoooo!

    So I was recently diagnosed with HBP at the age of 19, couple months before my 20th birthday. Since then I have been put on 5mg of Bystolic and have had blood tests and a ultrasound of my renal arteries. Blood tests came back okay but my ultrasound showed narrowing of my celiac...
    muddyXbabe muddyXbabe
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    2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

    Can someone please help me.

    I'm really pissed off right now. I went to the doctors just now and my GP looked at me like i was already dead. I am 24 years old - yes I know that's young to have high blood pressure - and this shouldn't be happening to me. Besides the headaches I feel fine - and even those are...
    ExoFae ExoFae
    26-30, F
    5 Responses May 29, 2014

    I Am 37 And Diagonised With HTN A Month Back..

    I am 37 and diagonised with HTN a month back.. I started taking tablets and my bp is now at 140/90.... but I am facing other problems.. I am not able to walk for more than 100 mts.. When I walk, my body gets tired and not able to move my legs and body.. I visited many doctors...
    dontworry1 dontworry1
    1 Response Feb 4, 2013

    i tried to get a new perscriotion on

    christmas eve only to be told by the chemist theres a problem getting my pills from the maufacturer so i went back to the docs and told them they messaged the nurse & told her i only had enough until this tuesday but i have to...
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    Dec 27, 2015

    I Have High Blood Pressure At 19

    I'm 19, and have high blood pressure. I don't know what is causing it, other than the fact that I'm obese. I try to lower it, but everytime I go for a physical, the results is the same. I am fearful for my life. I am afraid that I might have a heart attack or a stroke, or...
    dave0903 dave0903
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 16, 2010
    ainizy96 ainizy96
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Apr 3, 2014

    I have high blood pressure.

    I went off my mess because it made me sick after a year. I'm thin and exercise daily. I don't eat salt and I drink a lot of water. I even stopped drinking coffee. Nothing helps. After not using salt, my blood sodium level was low and I was always tired. Drives me crazy!!
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    2 Responses May 19, 2015
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