I Have Lost All My Friends

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    I got dared to kiss this boy,

    but about a month a go one of my best friends had been talking to him but she stopped talking to him and slept with another person and started speaking to him, she always says she 'doesn't do relationships' -I told one of my other bestfriends and she pinkied me not to say...
    myshittyproblems myshittyproblems
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 15, 2014

    I have lost all my friends.

    . In defferent ways.. That's why i'm completely alone now. I also lost my girlfriend. I don't know what's wrong with me. I tried my best as a friend but... I think they got tired of me... Now I believe I'm boring , and nobody's interested in me, and no one likes me for who I am...
    FullTimeAloneBoy FullTimeAloneBoy
    22-25, M
    Nov 12, 2014

    Realization: Graduating College With No Friends

    *Note: First Story on this Website* Where do I start? I'm from Massachusetts and attend college in New York. Actually let me rephrase that: I'm about to GRADUATE from a college in New York this Sunday. However, I have come to the sudden realization that I'll be graduating with...
    NeedAwakening NeedAwakening
    22-25, M
    2 Responses May 18, 2012

    I Dont Mean To Rant So I Keep It Short. Since It Was The Past And I Realized I Was Different.

    I lost all my friends because my mom when through her mid life crisis, cut the cord of abuse with my dad and I moved to a new town. It's noisy and crowded, full of bored, depressed teenagers. I dont care but I at least got my mom back on my side. She used to hate me. True friends...
    myrighttolife myrighttolife
    18-21, F
    Feb 7, 2012

    Introvert = Lonely

    I've never been one to schmooze or be part of the in crowd. I've always been a kind if wallflower, I was okay being by myself. Plus, I've always felt awkward around people I don't know. As I've gotten older, due a lot to social anxiety, OCD, etc that I'm cursed with, I've...
    LongTallSally2013 LongTallSally2013
    41-45, F
    1 Response Nov 15, 2013

    It's Complicated

    First I would like to say that this website is very helpful.  My story or should I say stories are so complicated that I would just like to read some of your entries and reflect on our experiences with this subject.   Blessings,
    amberfire1234567 amberfire1234567
    Oct 23, 2008

    I'm slowly slipping,

    and I'm losing my grip on a few friends. I lost some of the most wonderful people I have ever known. They're gone. I'll never see them again. And it's all my fault.
    TheCroissant TheCroissant
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 14, 2015

    I lost them all.. I miss them.

    .. Why does my mom do this to me? She wants me to feel pain! To be miserable?
    Okayokay18 Okayokay18
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 16, 2014

    my new years I lost 2 of my best friends

    that day and they weren't even good friends ..oh well....
    Tiffany654300 Tiffany654300
    18-21, F
    Jan 21, 2016

    They weren't really my friends.

    I always sensed they didn't like me. Every friend I have either gets bored of me or thinks I'm hostile. Now I'm alone after spring break after school. They basically kicked me out of they're group. I'm used to being alone anyways, I'll cope with it by scratching my arms till the...
    NoNameKire NoNameKire
    18-21, F
    Mar 16, 2016

    I feel like I never want to have friends again.

    I've lost all 5 of my friends in my life and I just lost the best friend I ever had, and it hurts the worst because it was so perfect. I never thought we would leave each other and now we are not even talking. I can't keep friends, so I guess I should just be alone forever. I...
    Anais92 Anais92
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 22, 2015

    I had friends during all 12 years of HS.

    As soon as I graduated they all went to college and I decided to Take a year off. Bad idea! No one talks to me anymore and it's the worst feeling ever.
    TheRealTy TheRealTy
    22-25, M
    Jul 17, 2014

    So, I have a unique story.

    I have been diagnosed with panic attacks and being bipolar just this past year. I thought of suicide but never went through with it. I got locked up in a psych ward for four days due to an attempt. I don't know what happened to my mind and why I'm thinking this way and why I...
    shmaves shmaves
    26-30, M
    1 Response Sep 18, 2014

    Yesterday I Had Two Close Friends And Now I Only Have Aquentances

    This week I've been super overwhelmed by school and work and the only person I've been able to spend anytime with is my boyfriend who I live with. At the start of the week I had been receive text messages from a girl that I have known for 15 years saying how she needs to talk to...
    ErinMcNutt ErinMcNutt
    18-21, F
    1 Response Oct 9, 2009

    I moved away this past summer

    and my friends and I made promises to stay in touch, but unfortunately they hadn't made any effort to talk to me. I try and try but they just don't want to talk to me. I don't understand why. I don't think I did anything wrong. In fact one of my "friends" was really nice to me...
    awk77 awk77
    18-21, F
    Mar 12, 2014

    All my life i have been a pathological liar.

    It just feels good making up stories, I find my self in common with Ali from PLL. But weeks ago, secrets have been revealed and now am all alone, but the truth is that I don't feel bad or sad. Does anyone share my strange life? Or I am alone? I am very curious... Oh, and I...
    ocloxd13 ocloxd13
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jun 6, 2014

    Yes, I have unfortunately.

    To be honest I haven't ever really had like group of dudes,guys run around with like alot of girls. Cliched up,grouped up.I am friends with all but run solo.Unfortunate lifestyle reason to be. My true friends walk same shoes doing time. Another murdered. People coming &going. In...
    Sugasug Sugasug
    41-45, M
    Jun 22, 2015

    So I only had two friends

    and they hadn't met, but had been begging for me to let them meet for a while, so I did and now they are attached at the hip and they've both been ignoring me for each other since they met... Ugh
    deleted deleted
    May 28, 2015

    All 2 Of Them

    That's the problem, they were friends long before they met me. One leaves, takes the other. Well i have nothing now. Yet again everyone has left me.Funny how, um, I predicted this. Again. 1 year ago I said, you will hate me, you will leave and want nothing to do with me. It's not...
    newmurderer newmurderer
    May 24, 2012

    correction for me... I think I'm losing my

    friend.. .. I can't say best friend idk if it was even considered a friendship anymore... a real friend would ask what's up instead of jumping to conclusion and having crazy thoughts .. the one I considered a Lil sister ..the only one that's been there for me and I for her.. I...
    mergirl123 mergirl123
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Apr 6, 2015

    Losing all my friends made me think.

    I don't need friend to make it. I have more time to work on school and try to perfected my art 😁😊
    arielsharee arielsharee
    16-17, F
    1 Response Apr 14, 2014

    Life After Highschool

    I graduated highschool in 2009 I'm about to turn 21 in june. When i was in HS i talked to many people, specially during 9 10 and 11 grade. 12 grade i started noticing that evryone or most people had their circle of friends, even though i talked to many people noone was really...
    LuisEnrique LuisEnrique
    2 Responses May 18, 2012
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