I Have Many Sins

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    Before my break i committed sins of lust .

    But i cant help the fact that i get bored :/ i must do something
    amberlxl amberlxl
    18-21, F
    1 Response Dec 23, 2014

    Ritual Contrition

    I may have many sins, but I do not regret them all.
    SeraphicWannabe SeraphicWannabe
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Jun 14, 2008

    "sin" A Lot

    I am not religious but I know I'm very amoral so I'm sure I sin all the time. Mostly just the sins against self enjoyment because I try not to hurt other people.
    bvb1123 bvb1123
    41-45, M
    Feb 3, 2011

    My List

    I have a list of sins.... 1. I've lied before 2. I have hated people 3. I've had sex before marraige 4. I tried anal sex, and I've enjoyed it 5. I've lusted after men 6. I've lusted after women 7. I've been addicted to **** 8. I've commiteed adultery 9. I've stolen food, money...
    lovely618 lovely618
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Dec 3, 2011

    I Guess That All Depends On How You Look At It.

    Sins? According to who or what philosophy? Christianity, Society, God? If you are looking at it that way then, I suppose I have to say yes, that I have committed many sins....who among us has not??? Society has a strict little set of rules as to how one is supposed to conduct...
    PrettyPixie PrettyPixie
    36-40, F
    5 Responses Oct 22, 2008

    Not Just The Seven...

    I think there should be more than 7 deadly sins, especially nowadays
    AtomicWater AtomicWater
    41-45, F
    1 Response May 20, 2010
    dyslecix dyslecix
    46-50, M
    1 Response Aug 5, 2011
    tinwut tinwut
    22-25, M
    Dec 31, 2015

    Shove That In Your Ear

    My parents were always sending me to shrinks because they thought there was something wrong with me. Well, duh, no need to waste the green on that. I hated it. I have never liked talking about my problems or my past and there was Sigmund Freud smoking a pipe and looking...
    DiaryofaDeadgirl DiaryofaDeadgirl
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Apr 12, 2010

    I'm am in a CDD marriage.

    My sister in law outed me as a gossip in our church and she reported it to her hoh. He told my hoh (his brother) and I denied it. I have now come clean and asked forgiveness from my sister in law her husband and mine. Proverbs 20:19 states, “He who goes about as a slanderer...
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses Oct 3, 2015

    Know It But Can't Help It

    I know I have sins, I know when I sin, but I know that I'm no more perfect then the person next to me so I don't let it bother me.
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Jun 19, 2008

    I Sin With Great Frequency And Abandon

    I can be a glutton and i can be idle but most of all i am intolerant of others. Within my group of friends i am charm personified and i will do all i can to help a friend. If someone i don't know annoys me, i want to have them shot immediately no matter how small the offence. I...
    saladtosser saladtosser
    56-60, M
    1 Response Aug 29, 2010


    I was surprised after I realized how many people in this group seem to not believe in god. I don't believe in God, (in the traditional sense) but I do believe that there is something that caused religion to be so helpful to humankind. In the extremes of judgement that some people...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Aug 14, 2010

    The Major Sins In Islam Are

      Allah Almighty says: "If you avoid the major (part) of what you have been forbidden (to do), We will cancel out for you your (other) evil deeds and will admit you (to Paradise) with a noble entry." (An-Nisaa’:31...
    Lulwa Lulwa
    9 Responses Jun 21, 2009
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