I Have Met Many During My Life's Journey

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    A Lot of Characters

    During my life so far, I've met many many people. All different, with different backgrounds, cultures, religions, tastes, ethnic groups, etc. People in my life mostly come and go, though a few do stay and become my friends for years (possibly for life)! Some I still remember...
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    The Characters You Meet...

    I think that it's the Characters in one's life that make life interesting.  Don't get me wrong; The nice, normal people are fine and everything (most people are) but, it's the goofballs, the offbeat ones, the people that march to a different beat,  that...
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    Apr 10, 2010

    Some Have Changed Me

    For better or worse, I have without a doubt been fortunate to have become acquainted with some most interesting souls. Every step of the way carries the promise of a new and exciting friendship.
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