I Have Mpd and 19 Alters

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    All of Me

    Ok yall here goes;  I have always had many voices in my head some would act out to help in stressful situations.  I started when I was very young I do not know when the first was, I have always been ok playing by myself.  I know I have at least one female her...
    allofus allofus
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    Not Really Just 15

    we only have 15 but we don't need a hole grop to ourselfs for us im hattie im 4 and big emily wants me to stop riting so i ges i better go by
    sugarfooties sugarfooties
    1 Response Aug 23, 2011

    My Alter Family

    I have 5 alters not including me.  I don't remember them being their forever.  I don't really even hear them.  I just know they are there.  One is very suicidal and loves to drink.  Two of them are very young and cry alot and rock and two more...
    belemilus belemilus
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    Well i have way too many alters to name and not all want to say their names here so, basically i have just as many boys as girls and everyone is under 20. Anemone and Eureka are 2 of them they are 16. Ane is shy and super cute while Eu is her polar opposite sexy and wild...
    AnemoneEureka AnemoneEureka
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    The Start

    My name is Wyatt. Here are the names of my personalities Andy: angry, mean, and hates my siblings. Willis: Envious and Jealous. Milton: sucidel, murderous, and wants to run away. All of their names are versions of my name. My full name is Andrew: Andy, Wyatt: Willis, Milton...
    Bluninja Bluninja
    1 Response Mar 5, 2013

    Living With Mpd And My Family Doesn't Know...

    I have always had voices in my head. One always sounded angry and full of hate. I had always put it down to being half asleep as I am also an insomniac. Well, your mind can play tricks on you when you've had a lack of sleep. However, one morning something strange happened. I was...
    Secretsocks Secretsocks
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    Jun 13, 2012


    think i only hvae 4 or 5 but i am begaing to question that todat as i think back i am missing parts but maybe that is just do to old gae you will find other stories in other areas for mpd
    rickibrat2 rickibrat2
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    Aug 27, 2010

    Two Weeks Of Torture

    I was diagnosed two weeks ago with MPD/DID. I have spent most of that time meeting my other personalities through journaling. However now there is a new voice in my head that drowns out the others. IT is a very dark and depressing voice, that tells me that I need to drink and cut...
    whytedragun whytedragun
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