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    My Friends

    I have several friends that I have nicknamed over the past few years that I have known them. I have a friend that I call Hershey, I don't know why but that name has really stuck with her, and I also call the same girl Dem-Dem or Demmy. Her real name is Jessica. I have a guy...
    Laurai Laurai
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    Yes I Do!

    I concider you a very good friend if I give you a nickname. I'm not talking 'pet names' here, just off-the-wall or goofy ones. Usually what I think of when I think of you. I'm odd, I tend to associate people with inanimate objects that remind me of them.
    wack1985 wack1985
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    More Like All My Friends :p

     more so online than off actually :) no, i do call my friend matt shaniqua and he calls me marqueequee so ;P (our names if we were black) anyways heres a list (yes i has a list! :D) Amayaekio is just Amaya :P it sticks Miserysmycompamy, is Misery but i suddenly feel like...
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    they all come naturally, in bursts of insight, or shortening of a name - never asked for - merely summoned of their own accord. Noms, True, Wolf, Freez, Hothorn, Sexysox, Nimblefoot, Bossy and Sassy. all of them nicknames, and with all of them I really can't remember when I...
    theologian theologian
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