I Have No Family Support

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    What on earth is family support?

    Just material support, I think. What can't non-family people give material support? Because material needs are a big burden. If one spends so much time in satisfying their material needs, they wouldn't have time doing intellectual things. I think if one has no intellectual needs...
    ExileMyself ExileMyself
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    1 Response Sep 1, 2015

    When I was younger I had a family.

    Not the best family but a family. I lived with my parents had a brother, knew my grandparents uncles aunts and cousins. We weren't all close but we all knew each other and spent time together. When I was 11 years old my Father went to prison for being physically verbally and...
    RuRave93 RuRave93
    22-25, F
    1 Response Aug 20, 2015

    Not a one, it's very difficult sometimes

    especially being a single parent too People have no idea what I would give for just a little help here or there, a trip to the grocery store alone, a few hours to clean without kids, a few hours for just me No such light at the end of the tunnel Family is overrated, but I...
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    2 Responses Aug 17, 2015

    my family wants nothing to do with me,

    and its always been this way. i used to think if my own family cant love me why would anyone else,but i now know its their loss. but i do envy my fiance and friends seeing how close they are w their family. im dreading my own wedding cuz i dont have family to attend.
    cooper3366 cooper3366
    31-35, F
    1 Response Aug 1, 2015

    I often read about people

    who are in dysfunctional families, who have or are suffering from emotional, physical, mental abuse. I can tell you that you cannot continue to function normally in your situation. You are a beautiful creation and there is not another like you. Never will be and never has been...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 30, 2015

    My mother loved me. My father loved my sister.

    My sister was very competitive with me and wanted always to top me. When my mother died, my advocate died. My father still likes my sister better and although I admit she was more successful than me there was a time when I was successful too. But not as much as her. I...
    cb934586 cb934586
    46-50, F
    Jul 30, 2015

    If your parent tells you

    that you need to get all you need all by yourself, how do you feel? If your parent grudges to spend a penny for you no matter what happens, how do you feel? If you live in your parent's house but she only cooks and buy food for herself, how do you feel? If your parent never...
    ExileMyself ExileMyself
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 26, 2015

    Nearly a decade ago I moved away from my toxic

    family in an effort to avoid having an actual mental breakdown. I was numb. My parents are bare minimum suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, and I have not communicated with either of them since I left. I have unfortunately tried to maintain some kind of relationship...
    Frankenzombie Frankenzombie
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Jul 21, 2015

    Both my parents died of cancer

    while I was fairly young. 18-29. I don't have any grandparents or siblings either. It doesn't really bother me anymore, except those little things where you could really used an obligated relative to help with something. Like if I'm sick, or I need someone to watch my house, or...
    doggpickle doggpickle
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jul 20, 2015

    Hi I love to travel RV style looking

    for people that have their own RV that would like to hook up and caravan. Possibly go down so or somewhere for the winter months
    Harlygl Harlygl
    61-65, F
    1 Response Jul 6, 2015

    According to my family,

    my passion for art is idiotic. Just great.
    whyusteens whyusteens
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jun 29, 2015

    please dont judge me

    for my grammer or lack of proper writting skills. I write as I speak you can say. Ill try to remember puntuation and all but might miss alot. Anyway here is my story its kinda hard to read or hear but I promise all true. I was born last in my family have two orlder brothers. My...
    feelinghopless feelinghopless
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jun 25, 2015

    Both of my parents have told me they think I'm

    going to fail with my business. It puts a lot of extra stress on me knowing that they don't support what I'm trying to do with my life.
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    3 Responses Jun 17, 2015

    My mother has her whole life been addicted to

    something, whether it be marijuana in her teens, meth and heroin in her young adult, and now because of her job restrictions and random drug screenings, Spice (K2/artificial marijuana). From about 14 when I started smoking weed for the first time with my first boyfriend my...
    MisterZanded MisterZanded
    26-30, T
    1 Response Jun 17, 2015

    My ex husband n I been separated

    since the end of last year. My mother loved him, You know, like her own son. And since he has left the house her attitude and love that I have grown up to know so well, has diminished and hardly comes to visit or talks to us. Let alone her grand daughter. I know my own mother...
    stuckNWEbbz stuckNWEbbz
    26-30, F
    May 23, 2015

    It sucks when my family never really support

    anything I want to do. Never any positive comments about anything I do.
    epsarah94 epsarah94
    22-25, F
    3 Responses May 14, 2015

    what is family??ha they bring me down chock

    me hurt me i'm bleeding i'm screming who cares who cares noone go the hell ****** dirty pigs i don't need anyone just want free and safety place we can't buy safe by money **** goverment **** police **** family **** everything **** you vent is over bye
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 1, 2015

    ''I got a family who ain't blood.

    And I got blood who ain't family. Only the real will understand''
    deleted deleted
    Apr 26, 2015

    I am the black sheep of my family.

    Every since my mom died I have no one but my kids and husband. It's so hard not having a relationship with my family such as sunt and cousins.
    sweedee39 sweedee39
    41-45, F
    1 Response Apr 13, 2015

    If any of the members

    that are having difficulties here, want a person to support them. I am here. I will gladly listen, help if I can, and try to support you.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 13, 2015

    My dad walked out on us

    when I was 7. He died alone so **** that guy. My mom gave up on me when I wasn't what she wanted me to be... Biologically speaking. But I've made my way and I'm stronger for it. I know the highs and lows are all temporary and that you just gotta keep swimming and keep breathing...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Apr 13, 2015

    my father. hated me..

    ..he never loved his children....but he hated me....deep down I know he wish I was never born & died when I was were sent to a foster home cause of my mothers breakdown....when she came back to get us the disappointment to see him there..... I would. catch him staring at me in...
    girleve girleve
    70+, F
    2 Responses Apr 12, 2015

    spiritual I feel stagnate I have.

    to break this to find some kind of happiness
    girleve girleve
    70+, F
    1 Response Apr 12, 2015

    my only girl cousin borrowed $200.

    & I never heard from her again..... Don't trust coke heads
    girleve girleve
    70+, F
    Apr 12, 2015

    my mother is the absoulte worst.

    ........ I have been depressed for a long time. which has lead to many bad decisions. now she deems me as useless cause "i am unmarried & 40something" but she forgets why I'm llike this watching her go thru mental breakdowns & me having to be responsible (my father family...
    girleve girleve
    70+, F
    Apr 12, 2015

    I never really grew up with my cousins.

    The older one's or the one's closer to my age.....my aunts & uncles were cold & uncaring bunch. My father was the worst. Yea my mother had mental problems & guess who was suppose to watch her?
    girleve girleve
    70+, F
    1 Response Apr 7, 2015

    im 18 and graduating from high school in a few

    months and Everytime i need help my family just looks at me as a burden. i feel like my mom is not supportive at all. she always has something negative to say to me. even i im doing homework in front of her she'll say how i never do school work and assumes im failing everything...
    avalily avalily
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Apr 3, 2015

    I recently told my family

    that I was sexually abused by a family member. They called me a lair and told me I was sick and belonged in a mental institution. They say they love me, but how can I continue speaking with people who think I'm completely mad? I know what happened. My therapist wouldn't have...
    mrspleco mrspleco
    26-30, F
    6 Responses Mar 25, 2015
    1poker 1poker
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Mar 21, 2015

    People are jealous of me on everything I do

    even my parents. I had a tough life, and people don't give a damn. You know people just want you to fail, and I am sick of it. I think of it has B.S. Just like my mom I told her this person is 68 years old and she is 65 years old, and that she is 2 years younger. My mom...
    31-35, M
    Feb 24, 2015

    My wife has some disabling mental issues

    and cannot do anything meaningful. She just...sits. Despite good grades and a keen intellect, my daughter is not dealing well with school or with her own mental health. My parents do not believe in mental health problems. My in-laws refuse to acknowledge them too. I just...
    straytian straytian
    46-50, M
    1 Response Feb 13, 2015

    What can i say anymore?

    ? This quote tells everything what i want to shout!!
    JerryJerryA JerryJerryA
    31-35, F
    1 Response Feb 2, 2015

    You're on your own in this world,

    don't forget that Gen Y (Millenial Generation)
    tangledweb94 tangledweb94
    22-25, M
    Jan 28, 2015
    deleted deleted
    Jan 24, 2015

    I'm a survivor of phisically

    and sexually abused by my parents. I'm living all alone. I'm just thinking... if you are not pretty or die,people don't care.that's what i've heard. But truth is not. if you are not pretty,they don't care if you die. or they don't care even if you are pretty. i pass out in the...
    juryandrews juryandrews
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jan 6, 2015

    Everyone has family problems every

    once in a while.. So I don't feel like I should be complaining about mine, but I need to tell someone.... I really need a friend right now...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Jan 2, 2015

    My family doesnt support me.

    I told them that I liked a girl and they hated it. They think I'm this wounded puppy, when I'm just being myself. They take things so serious when its just me. If I dont want to go to a party, they think I'm being an outsider. I dont like them, thats all. My family doesnt accept...
    JulietA93 JulietA93
    18-21, F
    Dec 13, 2014

    I dont have any family.

    My parents split when i was a toddler.My mother died when i was 19. The rest of family is toxic and never offered any support. I get upset at this time of year, I've never had any luck
    cori70 cori70
    46-50, F
    1 Response Dec 12, 2014

    I am the only child born to two only children.

    I changed schools a couple of times in high school then left my home town and school friends to live in London, then Europe, finally ending up here in Australia. I married but had no children. My parents and husband are dead and I find myself all alone. I have lived in...
    scaaliwaag scaaliwaag
    1 Response Dec 11, 2014

    i feel so horrible and broken

    because of family issues..i don't look for any advice. are you living all alone?? i would like to talk to you if you have same back ground. PM me.
    juryandrews juryandrews
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Dec 3, 2014

    I feel sad and lonely

    as hell! i want to talk with people who live all alone,don't keep in touch with family. i am sexualy abuse survivor. it's too hard to live like this. i need good company. PM me.
    juryandrews juryandrews
    31-35, F
    1 Response Nov 29, 2014
    staystrongandlive staystrongandlive
    18-21, F
    1 Response Nov 26, 2014

    It is very tiresome. No matter what I do,

    I am knocked back several paces. I live by myself and I have nobody. I was supposed to be with somebody for the rest of my life but she decided since I couldn't maintain the current lifestyle for her and our children, then we got divorced. I know people don't want to hear...
    turnpike1971 turnpike1971
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Nov 24, 2014

    I am tired of the endless favoritism my parents

    have always shown my sister. I am tired of the endless criticism. I am tired of the endless bullying from my mother and tired of being treated like a failure no matter what I do. I am currently unemployed. Today my Mother threatened to cut me off if I didn't see an employment...
    Bonaria Bonaria
    41-45, F
    Nov 24, 2014

    I had a nervous breakdown 20 years ago

    and wasn't hospitalized. I lost my children to rich people and was homeless for 20 years. I have OCD< ADD, Fatherless Daughter Syndrome, PTSD, poverty, a false self finding her true self as a Woman and Mother. My family abandoned me and I felt like a Toddler looking for love...
    growth60 growth60
    61-65, F
    2 Responses Nov 9, 2014

    I have X'ed all of my known family,

    who have betrayed me. I don't care your background, I trust no one :(
    bettyzoe bettyzoe
    31-35, T
    1 Response Oct 30, 2014

    My siblings hate me. My brother hates me

    for standing up for my mother for the way he speaks to her, he threatens to beat me up & my sister calls me fat. My mother backs up for them because she thinks I should take the abuse like she does but they don't say the stuff to her that they say to me. I honestly wonder if...
    bluethomas bluethomas
    26-30, F
    1 Response Aug 17, 2014

    Hello. I have no children,

    no husband, my mother recently died and my only sib died in the last few years. My parents moved away from their home town in the early years of their marriage and cut ties with their relatives. My father has been emotionally distant with his children. He only initiates...
    Peasoup05 Peasoup05
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Aug 4, 2014

    After reading the posts about living inside a

    snow globe, I realized that I have always felt like I was looking INTO the snow globe- where people have families that have your back, that like to be together and have holidays. I really did not understand what happened to me until my parents died and the true dynamics of the...
    macbeth1217 macbeth1217
    61-65, F
    3 Responses Jul 27, 2014

    My daughter is jealous of me

    and has turned all of the males in my home against me. She has a son, twin brother, an older brother, a stepdad and a bio dad who she has single handed lay through master manipulation destroyed each and every one of my relationships with. When she got pregnant at 16, my life...
    infinitegratitude infinitegratitude
    51-55, F
    1 Response Jul 6, 2014

    I'm applying to peace corps

    and my minis freezing me out. She doesn't want me to go and has gone so far as to hide my immunization records and passport. I just want her to understand this is something I need to do. I've never wanted anything this much.
    DontCallMeAl DontCallMeAl
    26-30, M
    Jul 3, 2014

    My family sucks when it comes to support.

    They only care themselves I am looking for a real family that I can call my own. I want to be apart of another family. When I find someone I'll be looking how close she is to her family so I can be apart of it. I want to be away from my family forevers.
    y0g3 y0g3
    31-35, M
    1 Response May 27, 2014

    Have you ever had the family

    that didn't support your ambitions, yet continually just threw money at you and hoped you would just measure up to their image of perfection in you? It's a strange feeling to have my interests (my "thing" is music) and just get negativity anytime I share anything. I try to show...
    duderino84 duderino84
    31-35, M
    May 16, 2014

    My mom passed when I was 24

    and my father hasn't spoken to me in 2 years. I have 2 small kids and my wife has mental health issues. I moved to a city for a job and have no friends, and can't seem to make any due to my schedule and family obligations. I have no siblings and no extended family. I'm also the...
    austinheel austinheel
    36-40, M
    1 Response May 10, 2014

    So sick of all the lies,

    I am a mother of 5 children who don't have family support my husband and I have been fighting his mum to watch our two beautiful little girls, while we both go to work she has always told us both that we both need to get a job we have finally done that now all the damn excuses...
    heartbroken100 heartbroken100
    36-40, F
    Mar 9, 2014

    Hello, my name is alma.

    I have no family support. although i grew up like that, it's not getting any easier.
    alma12345 alma12345
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Mar 8, 2014

    After an ugly divorce I realized I really have

    no family... My kids don't even know them and there is an unhealthy distance and lack of communication there... My worst fear is that my grandmother passes away and nobody tells me... We all live far away and my grandmother is the only one I speak to now
    oracle31 oracle31
    31-35, F
    1 Response Mar 6, 2014

    I lost my mother two weeks ago.

    I was an only child and my dad is unknown. My aunts/uncles/cousins do not want nothing to do with me. How do I deal with this? Any suggestions
    sethor1972 sethor1972
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Mar 6, 2014

    I know people say be happy with what you have

    but it's not that easy! I have no parents or extended family at all! When I was young our family was the so called perfect family in public but behind closed doors it was a nightmare, I don't believe my parents loved each other that much and my brother had issues which took my...
    Sandymumfour Sandymumfour
    36-40, F
    1 Response Feb 24, 2014

    I'm writing as the founder of Stand Alone,

    the only charity to support adults that have no family support. We have started to carry out some preliminary research into family estrangement. We'd like to invite you people at Experience Project, in this group, to take part. There's currently a real absence of studies in...
    beccabland beccabland
    Feb 8, 2014
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