I Have Ocd,gad,add, And Dyslexia

For anyone with anxiety disorders or learning disorders. 18 People

    I have OCD- I have to have everything perfect.

    If I'm in the car with the radio on it has to be on certain numbers or I get very angry and I feel unsafe. I'm not sure if this is related but sometimes I get scared family member will fall ill or my house will be damaged. Right now whilst I'm sat on the couch right now I have...
    Sapphirelucia Sapphirelucia
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    The Most Interesting Thing Ever!

    Yep that's right I have 2 types of Dyslexia, ADD, OCD, GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder ), and Social Phobia all together. I have to say it is hard to live with, but I've had them all for a long time and never knew. My brain is very confusing I never know how to feel emotionaly...
    littlegirlinaBIGworld littlegirlinaBIGworld
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    The Ocd Test

    Here's how the test works. There's this web site that scanes how likely you are to have OCD. You just answer simple yes or no questions and it will tell you your score. 12 & up: OCD is likely 8 - 11: OCD is probable 0 - 7: OCD is unlikely I scored a 22 so yeah I have OCD...
    littlegirlinaBIGworld littlegirlinaBIGworld
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