I Have Paroxysmal Nonkinesigenic Dyskinesia

A Paroxysmal Nonkinesigenic Dyskinesia anonymous support group with information on diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, along with personal stories and experiences with Paroxysmal Nonkinesigenic Dyskinesia. You're not alone. 17 People

    My Experience With Paroxysmal Dyskinesia

    I'm updating the story below. I'm doing really well! My movement disorder specialist has me on Topamax, 100 mg 2x a day, and this works really well for me! Yay! :) I also need to do my own part. I take good care of myself. I make sure I get enough sleep, eat well, and keep my...
    Marsela Marsela
    41-45, F
    8 Responses Feb 4, 2010

    6 Years Later I Have A Diagnosis

    I started having problems back in 2005 with my muscles. They seemed to just be tense and straining all the time. To the point it was painful to walk and move. After a month of seeing specialist 2-3 times a week they came up with nothing. They found a drug to put me on (11 pills a...
    Kcreek820 Kcreek820
    3 Responses Jun 27, 2011
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