I Have Pneumonia

Pneumonia anonymous support group with information on diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, along with personal stories and experiences with Pneumonia. You're not alone. 8 People

    Had the same symptoms

    as the flu. I have woke up dripping with sweat in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning. My PJ's drenched with it. Literally. I was cold with it too. What alarmed me, was when i coughed up phlegm, streaks of blood was in it. I also coughed up a light pink mucus...
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    Oct 18, 2015

    I sit here in my bedroom at 4:30 am,

    unable to sleep. I've been sick with the flu I guess for a few weeks, but my cough just kept getting worse so I went to the urgent care and was wrongly diagnosed with Bronchitis and sent home with Amoxicillin. I returned to the urgent care today. After a chest x ray the dr...
    suzyfnsunshine suzyfnsunshine
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Feb 10, 2014

    Thought It Was The Flu

    On December 3rd 2012 I stared feeling like I was coming down with the flu. Horrible head ache, body aches and pains, night sweats and fever. By Friday I was not getting any better. My boyfriend took me to the doctor. He said I have bronchitis and gave me a prescription for...
    Puggy293 Puggy293
    Dec 16, 2012

    Pneumonia Death Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency

    http://www.lef.org/news/LefDailyNews.htm?NewsID=11140&Section=NUTRITION&source=DHB_110520&key=Body+ContinueReading&utm_source=DHB_110520&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Nutrition&utm_content=Body%2BContinueReading&utm_campaign=DailyHealthBulletin Vitamin D lack and pneumonia up death...
    conceptualclarity conceptualclarity
    51-55, M
    May 20, 2011
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