I Have Post-polio Syndrome

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    In the past 64 years

    since I contracted polio, nothing has been discovered to cure the later effects of polio, but Gabapentin for nerve pain (300 mg.) really helps me sleep at night. I tried a few of the drugs for fibromyalgia and the side effects were too weird for me, so I rely on 1/3 of a...
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    Polio Rears It's Ugly Head!

    I was diagnosed with Post -Polio Syndrome about 6 yrs. ago.  I contracted polio in the early 1950's. It affected my right leg and left arm. In my teens, I spent four years in Shriners Hospital having surgeries on my leg and a spinal fusion. I recuperated really well and went...
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    28 Years Old And Need Friends Who Understand Polio

    I am sel , 28y/o female from the Philippines . I have been  diagnosed with polio age 4 and after that most of my life I wear a long leg brace on my left leg.  We are financially poor and I look up to my parents so much for loving me that much that they put up with my...
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    My Polio Has Come Back After 30 Years

    I had polio since I was 1 year old.  I suffered leg problems all through my childhood.  I thought I grew out of it but was I wrong.  It's back and it is starting to cripple me. Every day I am experiencing more pain and weakness. If this last much longer I am...
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