I Have Real Life Friends That Suck

You know, the so called friends that are just there for a free ride 18 People

    Since I Moved

    We all started at the same school at the same time, there were 6 of us. We did everything together, and my classroom was our hideout. We made thousands of cups of teas, wiped each others tears and danced like maniacs on a Friday afternoon to old disco tunes. We watched each other...
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    Oct 13, 2008

    Ooooh Yeah

    And they feel same way about me Hmmmmm...I wonder if they're still my friends or I've demoted them to "associates".
    Tummie Tummie
    26-30, M
    9 Responses Oct 13, 2008

    Funked off with my friends lately ,

    they never lend a shoulder when i need it. And im always helping them out asking how the family is and all that and they just dont give a funk , they only talk to me when they want something, im looking forward to backpacking for a few years and forgetting about them and there...
    thedudefromearth thedudefromearth
    1 Response Jan 28, 2015

    Just Venting

    My ten year reunion is coming up. I grew up in a large city with a small town mentality. Going back home, everyone is up in your business. And they think it's still the 90's where nothing has ever changed. So these "friends" would be all up in my personal life but they...
    Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
    19 Responses Oct 13, 2008

    Since I've Been Awake...

    ...well out of bed anyway seeing as I woke up at 3. I have just found out through someone that I worked with last year, that my so called 'friends' have been talking about me. Not in a nice 'I wonder how she's doing' way but in a 'Oh my God have you heard what she...
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    Nov 8, 2008
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