I Have Restless Leg Syndrome Sometimes

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    I have had RLS for almost 40 years.

    A few years ago, i had to visit my chiropractor and he asked me if I ever tried doing stretching exercises b4 bed. I have tried prescription drugs that had worked sometimes but had stopped taking them due to cost. Anyway, I have been doing exercises for about 3 years b4 bed and...
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    RLS Sucks.

    There have been many times when I had to get up out of bed and walk around just to get rid of this awful nonstop squirmish feeling in my legs.  I don't really know if this comes along with MS or not, but it sure is difficult to deal with.  My husband too, as I toss and...
    Neveah Neveah
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    Requip Tolerance Growing?

    I have had sleep problems for many years.  The sypmtoms all point to RLS.  I began taking requip one year ago, and a 0.50 mg dose was very effective.  I have needed progressively higher doses for the same effectiveness and am now taking 3.0 mg dose.  The...
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    White Vinegar

       I rub white Vinegar onto my legs’ and it works great.
    Dewduster Dewduster
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    Twitching Like An Epileptic

    RLS has to be one of the most annoying afflictions known to man. All you want to do is sleep and your body just won't let you. You try and fight the feeling to move your leg, but you cant. It must be a cousin to tourettes syndrome. It doesnt happen all the time, just certain meds...
    francineo francineo
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    Yes, Sometimes I Do

    I inherited this disorder from my Mom's side of the family, and I rarely am troubled by it, thank God, but when I am, only medicine will quiet it down. My Mom has this problem FAR worse than I do, so I can't help but pity her, that way. My Dad didn't have any problems like this...
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    Its So Annoying.

    i have RLS sometimes and its so annoying. unfortunately it runs in my family my brother has RLS all the time and has to take medicine for it. when the doctor asked him what it felt like, at five years old my brother explained it as ''my legs feel frustrated''the doctor said it...
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    Another sleepless night.

    Got stressed today and sleep will not come. Legs hurt and are creepy crawly. Meds are doing nothing. Ughhhh...........
    chloe433 chloe433
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    I hate it when this happens!

    And of course it happens at the worst possible times... like I'll be having a bad night when I can't sleep or get comfy then suddenly my legs get all tingly and that overwhelming urge to move them kicks in. I've had it so bad before that I just started to cry. I literally just...
    CannibalisticUnicorn CannibalisticUnicorn
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    Heeb Be Jee Bees

    I hate the feeling of RLS, I suffered with it nightly for around the past 15 years or so.  I keep getting older.  Anyhow, I suffered nightly, and then I wondered what would happen if I ate a banana every night before bed.  My mom's Dr told her to eat a banana every...
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    Anyone Have Any Rls Home Remedies To Try?

    Ok so I have had RLS for about 4 years now and I was previously taking 10mg of Requip but stopped because I was takling about 8 other meds with it also. I also have IBS and suffer severe migraines and have 2 herniated discs in my lower back. Enough abou that...Anyway, The RLS...
    aprilsmith128 aprilsmith128
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    Even With Mono

    Even when my energy levels are a third of what they usually are, I keep noticing that I'm moving or bouncing my leg. I usually do it all the time; in school, at home, on the bus, on the train, in the cinema, in restaurants. None of my friends notice it, only two people have...
    Topclasswanker Topclasswanker
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    Bouncy Leg

    I hate when my leg starts ******* and I can't get it to stop. Bouncing up and down up and down. THe more I focus on it to try to stop, it gets faster and worse. If I put my hand down to steady it, then my other legs starts *******. I wish it was something that could be...
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    I had what I thought was piriformis

    until it became chronic, simultaneous with my toes becoming restless. That sounded more like RLS. Then I had an inspiration and started wearing a small backpack with two fifteen pound barbells in it, and walking around or just standing with it on while I work (I paint), whenever...
    echinoderm echinoderm
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    Jul 24, 2014

    Really Bad Rls

    My RLS is getting out of control.  I am now taking 12mg Requip in the evening.  I started 12 last Sunday.  If I take less, forget it.  I am afraid I am building a tolerance level to this drug as I started on 1mg last February. The Requip makes...
    kerikbk kerikbk
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    Magnesium, Magnesium

    I did ballet until I was 25 and always blamed that for the crampiness I felt, . .  at about 34 a chiro pointed out that I was low on magnesium, now I can recognise the muscle symptoms and dose up,. . . . haven't had restless legs in years XXX
    merran merran
    Feb 15, 2009
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    Embarassing Moments With Rls

    i have had RLS for many years.  it was just a few years ago that i learned its name and that there was medicine for it. until the med i had found some exercises that helped some.  otherwise, it's just a sleepless night of walking around and doing exercises. i have found that...
    arizdove arizdove
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    2 Responses Apr 29, 2011

    Rls Symptoms Aggravated When Dieting

    I have tried dieting a number of times and find the RLS symptoms become more severe, even in the daytime.  Has anyone had similar experiences and does anyone know if there have been studies relating to whether people who have RLS are more likely to be overweight? ...
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    I have had RLS most all my life.

    It started out mild with mostly feeling like I couldn't sit still. Over the years, it has progressed. At night, I get the antsy feeling along with my legs twitching. My poor husband has been kicked and left bruised many a night. Unless you have experienced this, you have no...
    chloe433 chloe433
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    Mar 8, 2014

    Feels like my legs are attacking themselves

    sometimes. Pretty annoying.
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    Sep 18, 2015

    Continuous Symptoms

    I have suffered from RLS for about two years.I have been unhealthy all my life so I put the leg symptoms and pain on the back burner.But I,'ve reached a point of non stop pain.In many different forms.The worse is the fire like feeling sometimes it's as if someone is sticking a...
    112062tm 112062tm
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    Jan 17, 2013

    I thought I had it bad

    but most of it was a coffee allergy.
    Michelllesissy Michelllesissy
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    Sep 9, 2015

    Last Night Was Horrible

    I've been searching on the net about my condition and I think I have it. My leg is sensitive to cold. It doesn't like cold breeze of fan or air conditioner. It doesn't like cold floor. It doesn't like anything cold! It's weird because only my left leg is like that. I'd sleep...
    jadeandrei jadeandrei
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    1 Response Jan 13, 2013

    Pills Cause It,doesnt Start In Your Brain

    all people on experience should list their meds as these are the leading cause of most of their problems.due to your herniated back you are taking meds for pain,,migrane,sleep,sinus,etc.my wife had one herniated disc and i know what agony you must be going thru.took her to...
    1 Response Jun 29, 2011

    Hi Kylee Here

    hi i have this horrible restless syndrome and its just horrible.....Ive had it for a few years now though only this year i got some pills  for it called ropin which i take at night. i hate the feeling it gives esp when you cant sleep. 
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    1 Response Jan 26, 2011

    Sucks so bad and nobody knows except

    for my parents. My dad has it also. It usually only happens during cold weather by also when I'm about to fall asleep or especially when I'm at the movies-_- I can't sit or stay still for long periods of time because I get this tingly feeling in my legs and sometimes it gets so...
    yesenia33 yesenia33
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    2 Responses Dec 6, 2013

    Rls Hell

          I am having a night from Hell with my restless legs....    When i first started taking requip it was awesome.  Just one Mg took care of my restless legs for a year or more.  Then  I had to up my dosage to 1 1/2  and that worked for a while.  But lately I feel the...
    letasnow letasnow
    May 20, 2012

    16 With Severe Rls?

    I have restless leg syndrome, but it is not sometimes, it is absolutly ALL the time.At school have have trouble concentrainting and paying attention because all I can think about is the crawling and twitching feeling in my legs with the uncontrolable urge to move.When I finally...
    Enzai Enzai
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    6 Responses Jan 26, 2010

    Suffer At Night

    I have been suffering with RLS since 2008 buy I didnt know what it was. It has gotten much worse this past year. I cant sleep at night no matter what i do. It is a terrible thing to live with....
    naynay1994 naynay1994
    Sep 13, 2013

    I Run A 10k Every Night...

    Hi All, I'm new to this group. Here's my story... 5 years ago I underwent a sleep study in the hospital. Big deal... all it did was confirm I have a 'severe and violent case of what they called PMD (periodic movement disorder)'!  The study showed that I move...
    resultscoach resultscoach
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    Efing Sucks.

    It is only 7 and my legs are already acting up.  It seems like they get worse the more tired you are.  It's like, all you want to do is sleep, but your legs are having those feelings and you can't.  Mine ache and I have to constantly stretch them, which...
    BellasHappyPlace BellasHappyPlace
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    I have RLS. I cannot just "stop moving".

    My legs twitch sometimes and sometimes, it just feels like I NEED to move. It's the most uncomfortable feeling I've ever had and it's almost impossible to explain it to someone who doesn't already know what it's like. I've been crying all day because I'm so frustrated with my...
    britteller britteller
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    1 Response Oct 23, 2014

    Rls Affects My Entire Life

    I don't know how long I've suffered from RLS, but I can remember as a child my mom, then my dad after mom died, rubbing my legs at night. I could not sit for long car rides, and to sit in church for an hour was a painful event. I didn't know why I had this restless feeling, and...
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    3 Responses Sep 2, 2011
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