I Have Sacrificed For a Relationship

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    Who Hasn't?

    Relationships are all about sacrifice. You just have to watch yourself that you are not doing it to the point that you are losing yourself for the other person.Been there done that, learned alot the hard way.
    cinfullynn cinfullynn
    46-50, F
    3 Responses Feb 13, 2008

    I have formed a hypothesis,

    as to why I am alone. I'm a really good friend, and I do actually care for people - more than they realize. In fact, I'm such a good friend, to everyone... Even if I feel like I'm dying on the inside, I'm automatically friend zoned. I talk to a person I like, and I tell them...
    TubaAtheist TubaAtheist
    22-25, F
    Jan 24, 2014

    12 Years

    I spent 12 years in a relationship with someone I wasnt in love with.  I regret it very much now but am lucky that now I have found My soulmate and that helps to compensate for this.
    alabastardragon alabastardragon
    36-40, M
    Nov 8, 2007

    My wife and I have just celebrated our 30th

    anniversary. When we were dating, my younger sister hated my wife-to-be, and tried to split us up. She would tell tales about how I had a bad temper, or had bad habits - anything to try to put her off me. The worst thing the spoilt little brat ever did, though, has had...
    AM1960 AM1960
    56-60, M
    Mar 7, 2014

    Not Mine

    I wanted to leave him, and I was ready to do it. He'd violated the terms of trust we'd laid out when I found out he'd been lying to me a few years ago, and lots of stuff happened ... I'd just had enough. But I'm still with him. What happened? The greater good, that's what...
    auroramaru auroramaru
    46-50, F
    Mar 16, 2012

    I Will Again!

    Not like any lambs or anything, not that kind of sacrifice, but yes I will go without for her, nooo problem!
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Mar 30, 2011

    I make sure I do all the little things.

    I do my best. The few times I forget. I am the enemy I am the bad guy. I am the *******. Why can't she see all the little things I do
    saint0928 saint0928
    22-25, M
    Jan 11, 2015


    Shouldnt every single person on Ep and for that matter the "real world" be a member of this group? Some level of sacrafice and compromise are key to the success of any relationship.
    Lexus Lexus
    36-40, F
    4 Responses Feb 13, 2008

    Too much, probably

      Along the way, I've lost a lot, including myself.  My sanity, my self-respect, my value.  All of it is now gone.
    SisBoomBah SisBoomBah
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Mar 9, 2008

    Love: I will give up this fight.

    I will go silently into the night. If that is what you need. *** is not when you'd give up everything.... it's not denying yourself..... it's that almost unobtainable thing that you almost have...... before it slips away... only to come back...stretch out at your feet, and...
    SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
    41-45, F
    Aug 10, 2014

    The Hardest Day So Far

    I think I might of got all but 3 hours of sleep last night. I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed, I already knew that the day ahead of me was going to a very bad day I just had that feeling. An so far it has been so my feeling was right. I just happened to look...
    ILoveMyMarine12 ILoveMyMarine12
    18-21, F
    Jan 25, 2012

    I spend money on you to have fun to cheer you

    up on your worst days. Here I am struggling never asking anything from you because I love you. But j am breaking.
    saint0928 saint0928
    22-25, M
    Jan 5, 2015

    No More to Give

    I dropped my life for him. I left my state and moved over 1000 miles away for him. I left my closest family member to be with him, the only family member who still talks to me and gives two sh*ts. I followed him and I shouldn't have. I left all of my belongings, gave him all...
    wonderlust wonderlust
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Oct 28, 2007

    The Great Escape

    Back in the days before the interwebs, before VCRs, when one had to check the TV Guide to figure out when a favourite movie was going to play, so that one could make sure to watch at the designated time, I used to watch a certain film as often as I could. It was made the year I...
    milkynips milkynips
    46-50, F
    Aug 25, 2012
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