I Have Spent Many Happy Hours

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    The Second Decade

    At the end of primary school we moved yet again and I started at Tech School. This was thought to be the best choice for me, and in some ways it was. My Grandparents wanted me to go to Scotch College ~ Before you Sydney siders tell me it's Scott's College, it's not. That's Sydney...
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    The Second Decade - Condensed Version

    In no particular order :) Learning many new things in science and technology. Learning how to use my hands to create things. Rediscovering the fairer sex :) Appreciating the great outdoors, it's flora and fauna. Appreciating sunsets, the night sky and sunrises. Edit...
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    Listeing to Music

    Well usually dancing and singing along as well ...        
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    So Many ...many

    Putting on my BCD....Do a buddy check on each other... ensuring air is turn on was the last  ..then you hear one loud voice 'Are we ready'? We reply 'Yesssss'. He said 'Lets Go Diving'!   One by one, we did a 'Back roll'.. When all gave an OK...
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    The Early School Years

    We lived on a busy road, probably quiet by today's standards. My father always seemed to be knocking down walls and building extensions on to the house. It was a timber weatherboard home, typical of the 50s style with an entrance hall with double glass doors to the lounge room...
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    The Third Decade

    After crossing Bass Strait on the Princess Of Tasmania I spent Two weeks cruising around Tasmanias amazing scenery, as a member of a motor cycle club. A trip up the Gordon River was probably the highlight, though it's difficult to separate from the other places. We had a lot of...
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    Happy Hours

    Happy hours,I've spent many,Down the pub,Rolling drink,So I've been told,Dancing on the tables.
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    Nov 26, 2011

    Enjoying Many Things!

    When I reflect on this... there are so many happy moments in my life. :-) I have spent many hours, hanging out with family. I still do, every evening, I hang out with my mother and sister. And sometimes my nephews come to visit. Those are many hours of watching movies together...
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    ...thinking of nothing but you.  MMMM there were lots of naughtily beautiful thoughts.
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    I've been doing some research on my family's history and was quite surprised to find photos of relatives and buildings they were associated with on the web. It has brought back memories of my childhood days. The day we walked along a railway track, my father explaining the...
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    The Fifth Decade

    On the beach listening to the waves on a summers eve. Playing in the surf. Playing like children in a playground. Watching dolphins frolic in the ocean. Being woken by the sound of lorikeets as the morning starts. Watching the sunset at the end of the day. Spending a warm...
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