I Have Strange Compulsions

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    My Compulsion

    My compulsion is to ferret out the space aliens who are intermingling with the human race and exterminate them.  If you think one of your frineds or acquantences is a space alien there is one way to know for sure.  Take an electric cord, ***** the end away from the plug...
    levin60kitty levin60kitty
    4 Responses Nov 19, 2008

    My Strangeness

      To those of you who do not think I am 'strange' if you do, here are some examples of my strangeness...compulsions... 1. I have an obsession with rubbing cat's noses when they are dry.  I can't help it.  It's a compulsion to keep rubbing it.  It feels...
    haydenrules haydenrules
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Feb 8, 2009

    One thing I feel compelled to do is chew on

    sponge. Like a brand new bath sponge filled with warm water. It's something I used to do as a kid and there's something really satisfying about it, it's the same sort of satisfying as eating incredible food when you're really hungry. It just feels good somehow.
    Bewail Bewail
    26-30, F
    Dec 7, 2015

    Visions Of Motors Spinning While Shaking My Hands In Front Of My Face.

    When I think about money, trip planning, the future, something good that I am looking forward to, sometimes nothing at all.... I have a compulsion to put my hands in front of my face and rapidly clench and unclench my fists/fingers.  At the same time I clench my teeth and...
    cliprite cliprite
    Aug 16, 2010

    Help In Overcoming A Strange Compulsion?

    Hello! I am currently working on a documentary television series for a major cable network that profiles men and women with strange compulsions, obsessions, and other odd behaviors. This program will focus on how your odd behavior is impacting your life and the lives of those...
    tvcasting tvcasting
    31-35, F
    Dec 7, 2011

    All Sorts

    I have the silly ones, like if theres a huge thunderstorm theres nothing I want to do more than stand in it, or things like that, but they dont really affect me   Most of my self harming behaviour comes from compulsions, now at least. It used to be something planned and...
    Tesse Tesse
    18-21, F
    Nov 19, 2008
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