I Have Sucidal Family Members

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    Last night my mom attempted suicide

    while my nine year old sister was in the next room. I was at work when one of my co-workers told me my sisters were out front. When I went out into the lobby the look on their faces said something was seriously wrong. When I walked up to them they told me that my mother was...
    mumfordstheword mumfordstheword
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    Because of the fact that I've had a multitude

    of requests of information about the lethal dosages of medications and what medications would produce death. I've decided to start this discussion and call it "THE HEMLOCK SOCIETY". In this discussion section, we will have a questions and answers section to may of the...
    fallenandcantgetup fallenandcantgetup
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    My brother aka my best friend just told me he

    is done with everything to do with life and I dunno what to do cause even though we ain't family I love him like he is. I know if he dies, I'm gonna just die so much in side that it will drive me to the edge of insanity and death.
    spookiemoogie spookiemoogie
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    anestacia anestacia
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    Dec 29, 2015

    I swear it runs in my family.

    Lost an uncle and an aunt to it; my sister has attempted, I've attempted as well as my brother, another uncle and aunt and my mom talks about wanting to do it sometimes. We must keep fighting and utilizing all of the resources possible to deal with these demons.
    suzannenderekh suzannenderekh
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    Mar 10, 2015

    My mom tried to kill herself with a knife at

    her throat when I was 8. She also almost drove to the beach while drunk just to drown herself. She told me she would shoot me in the face and then shoot herself if she could, and we had to call the ambulance last week because she threatened to commit suicide.
    speaksoftandcarrybigstick speaksoftandcarrybigstick
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    Reality Check.

    U p until a few months ago I thought I had a perfectly normal family. My mom had a job as a Patient Care Assistaint (PCA) at a near by hospital, and my dad was hauling gas with a local company. I knew my mom had a history of depression, but I didn't know how...
    09anthla 09anthla
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    My son attempted today.

    I'm not there. He's 3 hrs away. Hasn't talked to me in almost 2 mns because of his girlfriend. I had to stop sending money. Child support to his dad is bleeding me dry. My account was literally either at zero or negative 95% of the time. He's ok, but now angry he's there. Says...
    wiggs42 wiggs42
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    I have a fiancée of 13 years

    who loosing his eye sight to diabetes I can tell he's thinking of killing himself I been worried sick telling his family something is wrong but no one wants to help He has a story temper and has been a miserable bastard . But under neat he this is s kind caring weak man . I...
    Organia Organia
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    I confronted him by phone my transmission is

    gone in my car so I can't go to his home we have been dating 14 years engaged 13 he has his home I have mine but because of his diabetes and loosing his eye sight he's constantly saying he's going to kill himself , but he also killings my blood pressure is up to 165 the doc...
    Organia Organia
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    May 30, 2015

    Last night my dad made a suicide attempt,

    and after begging to be killed he was sedated by a doctor. He's been battling depression for years and recently had a psychotic episode. Thankfully he didn't turn violent, as he was alone with my younger sister at the time, but it easily could have been a lot worse. Since then...
    marksman2504 marksman2504
    22-25, M
    Apr 12, 2014

    My mother went into hospital today

    after an overdose, she just seems to have completely given up. How do I help her cope? How do I cope myself? Xx
    BulletproofLoneliness BulletproofLoneliness
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    4 Responses May 20, 2014

    Dealing with an older brother/best friend

    who has been suicidal since age 13 which I am just finding out. And recently tried to shoot himself an bleed out hoping that if someone found him it would look like someone shot him an robbed him. Thankfully he survived but he is still dead set on committing suicide one day. And...
    MonsieurKJ MonsieurKJ
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    I never knew my parents had done this.

    .. When I was 9 years old, my parents both attempted suicide. My mother tried hanging herself, and my father OD-ed twice. I just found out a few days ago, and though I know it's the wrong thing to do, I blame myself. I got an In School Suspension for "skipping class" because of...
    Alto2Soprano Alto2Soprano
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    Dec 17, 2013

    They aren't blood, but I love them enough to

    call them family. They're my two best friends and I'm so scared they'll pull the trigger, cut to deep, slip into the noose, or OD everyday. They have their good days and their bad days, but their bad days overpower the good. I can barely help them, cause when they're in a very...
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