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    Public Awareness Campaign On Drugs That Cause Td

    Hello I am doing research for a consumer awareness campaign whose mission is to show the reality of Tardive Dyskinesia and other movement disorders that can result from the use of certain medications. As part of our campaign we will be launching a website that will provide...
    ManuZe ManuZe
    36-40, M
    7 Responses Mar 16, 2010

    I had searched for seven years,

    for an answer to my undiagnosed movement disorder. I found an online doctor, who told me that my 5 mm hypothalamic hamartoma would cause my symptoms to persist. I saw 4 neurologists, but none of them would explain what it meant. In December 2014, I asked my doctor if I could...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    1 Response Jan 11, 2015


    I am an artist that is worried that my days of painting could be over if the tremors and pain continue. No one seems to know if it is TD or parkinsons because there are no test to differentiate the two. I have been on abilify and seroquel for 10 years.  I guess it's caught...
    colorist colorist
    2 Responses Oct 22, 2008

    I think I have TD, I took Reglan

    for four years on an as needed basis. In october 2013 I got something like twitches in my legs that I cannot control. And I begin to feel restless so I think I might have tardive akathisia as well.
    yasi2010 yasi2010
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Apr 26, 2014

    I was very recently diagnosed with TD.

    I was put on medication for OCD and my symptoms started about 3 months later. Bit I attributed them to getting old them to a severe cold them flu them pneumonia. It started with a mild twitch into face to a slight pull in my neck, to a strong pull, now I have a strong pull and...
    photofan75 photofan75
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Apr 6, 2014

    Anyone use any of these treatments

    for Oral Tradive Dyskensia (from medications) and they worked?  Medication: Aricept bachlophen mirapex requipe vimpat zofran Baaclofen Botox benzodiazepines clondine tetrabenazine oxypertine Valproate (depakato progabide propnol amantaine posteroventriacal pallidotomy...
    lazylizard lazylizard
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Dec 20, 2013

    My PNES Diagnosis Experience In 1970,

    my husband and I became parents to an adorable baby boy. One day, I was enjoying a peaceful morning, while he was finally napping. Ordinarily, I would never have left my baby alone, but my husband asked me to come outside, to assist him. He had pushed his newly acquired, 1954...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    Mar 10, 2016

    I Have Tardive Dyskinesia And Feel Hopeless

    I was on Geodon for a year and a half. At about ayear i started having a small nod to my head, like I was saying yes to something but there was nothing. It got worse when i was trying to sleep so I complained to my Psychitrist ande she put me on a side effect med i forgot the...
    akacrazylady akacrazylady
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Aug 1, 2012

    Going Crazy

    I am about to hit my one year anniversary of symptoms of tardive dyskinesia. First in September I tried taking nothing, but the symptoms and my suicidal & homicidal thinking coupled with severe depression along with the maddening symptoms of TD remained. By December, I was...
    aclkona aclkona
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jul 23, 2012

    I've been on Risperidone 2mg

    since 2000 and got involuntary movement of the mouth in 2011 which got worse so had to reduce my dose to 1mg. (At its worse I was borderline suicidal as my face/jaw ached and everybody was passing comment. I cried!) I then started to have mouth opening when I was eating while on...
    hotlips1 hotlips1
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Feb 12, 2014

    I wish that I had been properly warned about

    the worst possible side effects of an RX drug that destroyed my previously normal nervous system. Many doctors have never seen my type of condition, and some would rather blame it on stress, or a psychological problem, rather than believe that an Rx drug could have caused my...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    1 Response Jan 31, 2016

    My whole body was buzzing last night

    and my lips pursing.. It got me so destressed, i couldnt sleep. This condition is hard to deal with..
    deej200 deej200
    36-40, M
    1 Response Nov 17, 2015

    Tiny Dancer

    Hi, you can call me Tiny Dancer, that is what my daughter says TD stands for. I am a 53 year old female who developed TD in April 2010. I've been on anti-pyschotics for 30 years.  I have been on all kinds of drugs, to help my bi-polar. The use of these drugs caused my TD. I also...
    cindymcmahan11 cindymcmahan11
    4 Responses Dec 20, 2010

    I was given no warning on my Rx receipt,

    that a permanent movement disorder, was a possible side effect. After the 2nd consecutive dose, of Gabapentin, starting dose, 300mg, my life suddenly became a neurological nightmare. How could I have been that sensitive? I was only 59 years old, never smoked, never used...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    1 Response Oct 10, 2015

    Seeking People Who Can Empathise, And Who Understand.

    This is my first time looking for support groups for tardive, I was diagnosed in may after months of thinking I was cracking up, amongst the symptoms my lips and tongue were constantly movin and I was grimacing and my speech has been impaired. My doctor at first said it was...
    Millap Millap
    36-40, M
    7 Responses Oct 11, 2012


    i have been worried since the doc said Tardive Dyskinesia. my issues are uncontrollable eye movement (raising of the eyebrows or lowering). Mouth movement corners of the mouth turn down. clenching of the jaw sucking my tongue. my hand have a slight shake to them. uncontrollable...
    charmed88101 charmed88101
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Jun 8, 2011

    I Have Tardive Dyskinesia From Taking Metoclopramide

    I am new here, I was told I have Tardive Dyskinesia from taking Metoclopramide, I took it for over 8 years, 4 times a day at 10 mg's, I now have developed sever symptoms, I also suffer from depression and diabetes, needless to say, this has me really down, i hardly leave the...
    Paul1954 Paul1954
    4 Responses Nov 2, 2012

    I have begun making my video book about my

    drug-induced movement disorder. Doctors watch these on line videos. I found a video of a medical conference and they were showing YouTube videos to show the different types of movements. ~ Doctors know they are supposed to check for a hypothalamic lesion. The doctor who was...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    1 Response Feb 6, 2015

    Lori Dena Brown-a Journey To Save Her Life.

    Short Summary I enjoy writing and also publishing books. Mostly I write stories that have no specific relation to any particular place in time. Poe is one of my favorite poets, and as of late I find myself living what could be a Poe epic. I will be writing a book detailing the...
    msixon msixon
    41-45, M
    1 Response Nov 17, 2012

    Need Some Info, Mother Has Dystonia

    Thanks for opening my post. My mother was diagnosed several months ago with tardive dystonia. She was quite upset about the diagnosis, especially from the doctor that gave her his prognosis... she didn't like him very much thus didn't like what he had to say even more so. She...
    teatime2006 teatime2006
    3 Responses Jul 1, 2013

    Cant Stand The Painandthey

     hi i have tardive dyskinesia, my dr gave me gedon for depression i was taking it for almost a year when the symptoms began happening, i ve stopped the drug but the symptoms are still here i am having a really hard time with it sometimes i cant even get out of bed, i feel...
    Mufasa83 Mufasa83
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Dec 17, 2009


    I took metoclopramide for over eight years and was never warned of its side effects. I am experiencing TD symptoms and have been to numerous neurologists. I am being told it is a psychogenic disorder and need counciling. Reluctantly I have been to counciling and am told their is...
    dave1364 dave1364
    51-55, M
    4 Responses Sep 12, 2013

    Tardive Dyskinesia

    I got TD from Zoloft. Can you believe it!! I took it for 13 years on and off and never had any symptoms. Went off zoloft with no problems for a year and started to have panic attacks again. I started the Zoloft which ended me up in the ER twice in one week. The doctors still keep...
    lazylizard lazylizard
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Nov 27, 2013

    Cant Stand The Painandthey

     hi i have tardive dyskinesia, my dr gave me gedon for depression i was taking it for almost a year when the symptoms began happening, i ve stopped the drug but the symptoms are still here i am having a really hard time with it sometimes i cant even get out of bed, i feel...
    Mufasa83 Mufasa83
    26-30, F
    5 Responses Dec 17, 2009

    I have a very mild case of Tardive Dyskinesia

    from taking the anti-psychotic Saphris. It is only uncontrolled tongue movements and an insatiable desire to chew my tongue. My eye also twitches a bit. They prescribed Parkinson's type medications for me, but I decided to take a different route. I have a friend with Parkinson...
    tdsufferer tdsufferer
    46-50, F
    1 Response Aug 13, 2014

    This Is A Question For Tardive Dyskinesia Victims

    Have any of your doctors ever called you psychogenic? That means that you are doing movements because of stress, and not because of an adverse reaction to a drug. During my first appointment with a movement disorder specialist, she conducted a very thorough exam and asked if...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    4 Responses Apr 14, 2013

    Am I Worried Well, Again? Pls Tell Me How You First Had Symptoms?

    I have been on neuroleptics for 20 years or so I have Schizophrenia, i'm 38 and Autistic, married, currently being a housewife and daughter and sister and friend - that's about it... I go to yoga at the moment but have been worried about my mental stability I have had severe...
    greentigress greentigress
    36-40, F
    6 Responses Nov 23, 2012

    Three Days And Counting

    It has been three days since I have had a serious TD attack. You know the ones that make your whole body shake from head to toe. Or just your hands, arms and head and last sometimes for hours? Three days is my record in 6 months. Yay for me. I hate to jynx it or call it too...
    akacrazylady akacrazylady
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Aug 26, 2012

    Part 1 - The PNES Diagnosis Experience

    PNES, stands for Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures. Evidently, the majority of doctors think that we have something in our past or present life, that could possibly explain the reason why some people suddenly develop an uncontrollable movement disorder. Within an hour of...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    Mar 10, 2016

    Array Of Antipsychotics

    I have been prescribed abilify, Latuda, and risperidone. Been on antipsychotics for roughly 1 year. About a month ago I noticed small twitches in my lip. It has now progressed to the left side of my face tightening and my jaw clenching. Along with puckering and licking of the...
    Jdmorrison94 Jdmorrison94
    4 Responses Jun 2, 2012

    I Thought I Was A Freak

    I didn't understand what was happening to me--the convulsive-like movements and the horrible pain which no one around me can fathom. I became even more depressed and reclusive, feeling like a freak and very much alone.
    Jokmare Jokmare
    61-65, F
    3 Responses May 6, 2013

    I am concerned about Rx drug- induced movement

    disorders, since I developed one. My condition should be under "I Developed Acute Dyskinesia," since my onset began shortly after introduction, while Tardive means gradual onset. Tardive dyskinesia, was the first term that I heard on a TV drug commercial, so I searched for a...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    Mar 9, 2015

    Botox Injections In The Eyes?

    Today my Neurologist suggested that we get some botox injecgtions in the eye lids all the way around. The reason is cause they Dyskinesia cause my eyes to shut and sometimes squeeze shut tight. They stay that way for second or minutes sometimes up to half hours several times a...
    akacrazylady akacrazylady
    41-45, F
    11 Responses Aug 31, 2012

    I was fighting depression at the time of my

    symptoms started. First was the chomping of my tongue, then weeks later my voice changed drastically. I couldn't formulate words, pronounce words and got to the point that only air was all that anyone could hear. Since this came on so fast and the lack of answers didn't come...
    euptlp euptlp
    36-40, F
    1 Response Aug 19, 2014

    I found an article asking this question.

    "Should Docs Give Psychiatric Meds to Babies? " According to a prescription data base, anti-psychotic drugs, such as Risperdol, and Seroquil, are being prescribed more frequently in young children. In 2014, they found that 20,000 antipsychotic medications were prescribed for...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    1 Response Dec 19, 2015

    I'm Not Alone With Td

    I've had TD 4 years, Neurontin is another rotten drug. It only took two pills to ruin my nervous system. There are so many drugs that say in fine print, "may cause tremors". ******* isn't tremors, it's a catastrophe!! I think we should make the AMA pay for our suffering...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    3 Responses Jul 24, 2012

    I have struggled with depression

    and anxiety after several severe traumatic events happened to me when I was 17. I was put on anti-depressants and then the psychiatric doctor added an anti psychotic to help. I've struggled a lot over the last 11 years, but mostly stayed on zyprexa, about 10 mg. then last year...
    kellymarie29 kellymarie29
    31-35, F
    1 Response Aug 1, 2015

    I have had an RX induced movement disorder

    since March 27, 2008. Over the years, it has steadily worsened. I recorded the date and where I was, during the last noticeable big change. On September 28, 2015, I already had some facial tics and twitching and neck jerks, along with other body movements, which are a bit too...
    Boshie Boshie
    66-70, F
    1 Response Oct 29, 2015

    Will I Get TD?

    I've recently switched to risperidone after about 4 years of taking zyprexa. I took five mg of zyprexa once a day and am now taking 2 mg of risperidone. I have noticed over the past few months or so, that at night while i'm lying in bed, there is a sensation in my mouth, a need...
    mmfurgs mmfurgs
    4 Responses May 25, 2013
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