I Have Third-nerve Palsy

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    3rd Nerve Palsy

    Due to an trauma accident,I have 3rd nerve palsy since 1 & half years. Medications are- neurobion & optineuron(inj).  
    sushild sushild
    31-35, M
    6 Responses Oct 5, 2009

    I Wish I Wasn't In This Group.

    I recently was having terrible headaches which I put down to stress, but then I developed third nerve palsy in my left eye ( didn't know what it was at the time, not until the hospital told me later). A retired doctor I know took me to the local hospital where an MRI scan found...
    Fran54 Fran54
    51-55, F
    1 Response Oct 25, 2012

    Third Nerve Palsy

    I was just wondering how long is this gonna go away. I've had this symptoms for almost 3 months now. It started to get better a little bit but it went back to shutting down on me again. My MRI and CT MRA are all negative lab works are fine except for my cholesterol was high...
    jaylex1019 jaylex1019
    36-40, M
    Jan 7, 2013

    Waiting For Help

    Eight weeks ago i started with a headache,nothing new about that! having always suffered with head pain and migraine since i was a kid,you kind of get used to it and carry on with your day as normal. Over the weekend my headache became worse,i just thought it a migraine as i was...
    ceela ceela
    4 Responses Sep 14, 2008

    Unhappy Life

    I started wearing sunglasses
    Kanino Kanino
    Sep 14, 2011
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