I Have To Learn To Give Up Hatred

It Will Rot Your Soul 67 People

    Peter - Requiescat In Pace

    I think I see a way out of the problem now.  Those of you who read the two prior parts of this essay remember that my brother Peter and I were on such bad terms as children that even after he became a middle-aged adult I was still not able to forgive him.  And I...
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    Jan 21, 2010

    My Brother Peter

    My brother Peter was born two years and seven days after me.  I was the eldest child.  There was something wrong with Peter from the time he was born.  Obviously I don't remember the details.  What I was told was that even just after he was born, he was a...
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    Having lived a few years and been around the block a time or two I know the following.Hate ,true hate, is a cancer that eats peoples souls. I do not 'HATE' anything or anyone. I might dislike things, I am bitter about things,but I cannot afford true hate.Does hate actually change...
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    Yeah. I feel though that it keeps me going.

    I can't hate anyone really because I lose interest. I just can't live with hatred. All I know is this anger I think is what keeps me going sometimes.
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    Jun 11, 2014

    Letting Peter Go

    In my first post to this group I described how I hated my brother Peter, next youngest after myself.  I told how that hatred had persisted, even twenty years after Peter's death.  Well, something about what I wrote, or something about the sympathetic comments I received...
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