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    Another Chapter In Life.

    “The human brain, then, is the most complicated organization of matter that we know. - Isaac Asimov” As a Child I was not sure what it was, I knew I was different. When I was 8 I was diagnosed that Tourette’s Syndrome. 2 years ago I started to see that some stuff that...
    running4hissanity running4hissanity
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    Tics since im five, diagnosed at 7.

    Im now 37 years old and i have been living with tourettes almost my entire life. It has not been easy but i have learned to make the best of it. While my tics have not diminished with age,(like the doctors insisted they would) i have never let them stop me from doing anything...
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    My Name Is Hector And I Have Tourette's Syndrome.

    I have had Tourette's for as long as I could remember. I am twenty four years old and this is one of things that is included in the DNA of my personality. I have tried many times to figure out a way to make myself more acceptable to others. I was teased a lot in school growing...
    bigdaddyhec86 bigdaddyhec86
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    I Don't Now

     but I had to click 'I plan to'. sounds like a good goal. 
    Beauphord Beauphord
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    I Havent Taken My Pills In Years

    I feel fine I just hate when I suddenly cant stop blinking.Am I the only one that's gotten off the pills?Should I go back to the doctors and get a new prescription?I threw the bottle away so Idk what the name of the medication was and I can't get a refill unless I have the bottle...
    ETH21 ETH21
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    My Name Is Chris And I Have Tourette'S.

    As a child growing up I knew I was different. I was not sure how but something was different. That is when I found out I have Tourette Syndrome (T.S) and am ADHD with a mild case of OCD. I always saw on TV and Movies that T.S was allot of swearing and has outbursts. I found out...
    running4hissanity running4hissanity
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    I was diagnosed at 13,

    after my parents and I realized I shouldn't have the hiccups all day every day. I moved from vocal tics to a really bad head jerk tic that would give me headaches all the time and I wad always pissed. I finally found a medicine that worked for me, and have started to outgrow my...
    MarshallMuff MarshallMuff
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    Over Fifty Years...But Who's Counting...

    I have had facial tics since I was in grade school. They have always been worse when I have been tired or stressed, or worse...both. Whether anyone even knew about Tourette's when I was a kid, I certainly never got "diagnosed" . Of course I also rarely saw a doctor either. None...
    pipermac pipermac
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    Apr 29, 2013

    It's not a severe case.

    It's just annoying and embarrassing. People will stare at me and tell me that I blink a lot, or call me stupid **** like "blinky". Really, that's the best you can come up with? I also can't sit still. I think my grand record for sitting perfectly still while conscious is around...
    Somejoygirl Somejoygirl
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    They Think I Do

        my doctors think i have tourettes syndrome . i have  painful twitches , leg  pain , hand curls .
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    I Have Tourette Syndrome And I'm A Normal Person.

    My name is Jared, I'm 19 years old and I have Tourette Syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old, but can remember having it mch longer. My Battle has been a hard one, my tics are everchanging, I have the main ones that I've always had; clearing my throat, embareassing...
    jik1992 jik1992
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