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    Lucky you! I had a very feminine daughter

    for 25 years who has now been trans for 2 years Parents position seems very unimportant but this has turned my life upside down as automatic acceptance seems to be expected Love my child beyond my life but there is no realisation of the loss! Love always but will never call her...
    marza55 marza55
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    New Member

    Hi  I am Connie and I just joined this group referred by an internet person on a mom board.  I have a 13 yr old son who I have been taking to therapy for the past 6 months.  The therapist says this is not a phase.  The therapist wants him to start blockers and...
    ikeandconnie ikeandconnie
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    On The Poll

    think it should be the boy that makes the choice
    rickibrat2 rickibrat2
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    I Think About It A Lot..........

     ........and I used to get very depressed about it. When Miranda first told me that she had started taking the transforming hormones, it was probably about three months until I was able to tell anyone at work.  My Team Leader found me alone out in the tea room one day...
    booklover56 booklover56
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    I Don't Feel Like A Very Good "mother" Sometimes.....t

    In fact, I am hardly one at all sometimes. When Miranda and Al had their engagement party about 4 weeks ago, it was the housemate's mother who brought the mower round and mowed the grass for them.  It was this same woman, not me, who took MIranda shopping and bought her...
    booklover56 booklover56
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    Oct 20, 2009

    My Intro

    Hello! My name is Jenn Burleton and I am the the Executive Director of an organization called TransActive Education & Advocacy. Though we are based in Portland, OR, we provide education, support, advocacy and research services to families of transgender and gender non...
    JennPDX JennPDX
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    Dec 10, 2009

    I Popped In For A Visit Tonight After Work.......

    .......because last night, I couldn't reach her on the home phone and couldn't get through on her mobile. I left a message on Live chat that I was worried about not being able to get in touch with her.  She came online this morning and assured me that she was fine, that Al...
    booklover56 booklover56
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    Oct 21, 2009

    I Never Thought That I Would Be Mother Of The Bride

     Well, I went out to the kitchen with the best intentions in the world of baking some biscuits to take with me on the round of calls I am planning to make this afternoon.  I made a start, truly I did but I was thinking about Miranda and Al so much that I couldn't...
    booklover56 booklover56
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    ......I am reminded, a little uncomfortably, I might add, of the story I wrote a while back in the "I am estranged from family members" group, where I expressed my satisfaction that my brother had made a stand for me at last when he went to visit my mother a short time...
    booklover56 booklover56
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    I Knew It...

    My oldest, child, on paper at birth was female. At the age of 13 he realized that he was a boy. Everyone was shocked. Except me. I didn't consciously know that my oldest was a boy, but I was not at all surprised when I found out. I always said when I was pregnant that i was...
    WonderTeaGirl WonderTeaGirl
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    My 14 year old announced last week

    that she has not felt like anything but herself not a gender but when she does it is weeks of feeling like she is male. I can't even begin to understand it but want to support her, she announced that she would like to be a male. I have already spoke with the school and they...
    normil normil
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    Aug 27, 2014

    I Received A Letter This Morning

    from Miranda's father, my ex husband John. I don't know how long it would have been in that mailbox, which only ever receives junk mail, everyone else knows I don't use that one any more. But he's been trying to get in touch with me all week on my mobile phone, which hardly ever...
    booklover56 booklover56
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    1 Response Oct 24, 2009
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