I Have Tricuspid Atresia

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    Lung Problems

    I am 21 and had the fontan operation when I was 3, obvioulsy I was alright, and I had a normal childhood apart from being smaller than the other kids, I still fitted in and didnt let anything stop me. I played netball and was quite fit. I went overseas to Argentina in 2007 for...
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    Hello my name is Erin I'm 22 years old I was diagnosed with tricuspid atresia, hypoplasia right ventrical, and a septal defect when my mother was only 7months pregnant with me. At 18months I had shunts put in and at 22 months old I had the fontan procedure. Since then I have...
    HarmonE HarmonE
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    I have a teenage son

    who was born with Tricuspid Atresia, he also has a VSD, ASD and HypoPlastic Right Ventricle. Since birth I have been by his side through all the surgeries and been there with him every step of the way. Diagnosed at birth in 1998 he is now 15 almost 16 years old. My heart is...
    Sdannelley Sdannelley
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    I Have Tricuspid Atrisia

    I was born with tricuspid atrisia I have had several surgeries since I was born I have low o2 stats always have I have been wanting to have a family but dr. And family tell me I can't and I want to connect with others that have this condition as well and how you are doing and...
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    TA Questions

    I am 25 years old and I have TA with transposition of great vessels. I had fontan at age 2. Since then I've had no major problems. I am on digoxin and have been for over 10 years. Last year I was told I had mild fibrosis in my liver due to fontan. I'm going for another abdominal...
    mtrent mtrent
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    My son was born in 1984

    and is now 29 years old. He had a blalock Shunt, and glynn Shunt and at the age of 4, he had a modified fontan. He walked out of the Childrens Hospital in Dallas Texas a week after the surgery and has not been back to a hospital since. He just started having heart rythum...
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    I Have TA

    I am 26 years old and have TA. I had the fontan when I was 3. I have live a pretty normal life but I do get extremely tired very easily. Does anyone else have this problem? I have not had any problems thus far and I am just curious if anyone else has.
    Smccammon Smccammon
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    My Daughter Has Triscuspid Atresia

    Hi all! My name is Alexandra,we are from Romania and my daughter Isabel was diagnosed prenataly with tricuspid atresia. In our country is a fairly rare condition,and the chances we were given were 0%. But we didn`t give up,and at 2 months old she had her first surgery,a BT Shunt...
    fufulete fufulete
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    I Have Tricuspid Atresia.

    Hi, my name is Kim. I am 23 years old and I have Tricuspid Atresia. I have had 3 open heart surgeries. Not only do I have my heart condition, I have had two brain surgeries, and back surgery. I have participated in many studies pertaining to TA. Even though I've had all of these...
    Kornahrens Kornahrens
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    Loving Life!

    I was born with tricuspid atresia in August of 1976. I've had 4 heart operations. The most recent was the fontan revision back in December 1,2011.
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    My Son Has Tricuspid Atresia

    I am a young mom, 24 to be exact. When my son was a mere 5 WEEKS old i found out that he ahd tricuspid atresia. He had surgery the very next day. It was a big blow and i was distruaght refusing to believe the cardiologist. My sons paedetrician picked up something wasnt right at...
    Cait87 Cait87
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    I am 27 years old.i take eliquis(a blood

    thinner) since I have tricuspid atresia. Does anyone feel tired or feel lose of interest in sex after taking blood thinning medication?
    ajc228 ajc228
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    I was born with Tricuspid Atresia in 1998.

    My name is Sabrina and I am now 15 years old.I had 3 open heart surgeries.The doctor said I wouldn't be able to do sports..but I did competitive gymnastics for 8 years.I would like to start a fundraiser or something,raising money for kids that are born with heart conditions like...
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