I Have Ulnar-mammary Syndrome

A Ulnar-mammary Syndrome anonymous support group with information on diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, along with personal stories and experiences with Ulnar-mammary Syndrome. You're not alone. 9 People


    My son was born last week and was just diagnosed with UMS. He is missing the ulnar in both arms, has only 2 digits on his right hand and 3 on his left. His right arm has a chicken wing appearance. His left forearm is short and his elbow looks like the two bones of his upper arm...
    BabyHunter BabyHunter
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    I'll Go First.

    I'm 50, was the fourth of four boys, no sisters. The oldest is affected as is the third, all of us to different degrees. A picture of my right arm is on the Internet if you google images of Ulnar-Mammary, and I believe a picture of my brother's hands, with straight pointed...
    Kenneth123 Kenneth123
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    Jan 31, 2011


    The night my granddaughter was born, I didnt sleep at all. I was in shock at her missing fingers...cleft palate, and x tra toe. As I laid there trying to sleep all I could think of was the day her husband asked her to marry him and her fingers would look wrong...and I stressed...
    preacherswife1962 preacherswife1962
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    Aug 13, 2013


    I have waited a long time to find something like this!! I have a daughter who is suspected to have UMS. We finally have seen a genealogist but don't have the results yet. She has a deformity of the left arm. It's missing the ulna and only has partial finger and thumb which are...
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    i have a son jus diagnosed x
    jjohnsonxx jjohnsonxx
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    Me, Too.

    I also have UMS, which presented in my case with a partially formed cleft palate, midline cleft, lack of underarm hair/sweat glands, left sixth digit on one hand, and absence of joints in 5th digit. The diagnosis was suspected for many years but was confirmed with blood work by...
    np1111 np1111
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