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I Have Used A Glory Hole In An Adult Book Store

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    A Good Monday

    I have been going to ABS and Adult Theaters sense i was to young to go in. I was introduced to the by my Moms boy friend when she thought after finding out i was dressing in my sisters clothes. I was able to stop past a place this past Monday. After no luck in this place the last...
    stony6 stony6
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Nov 17, 2010

    My First Time - That **** Was H-u-g-e

    So I've been to ABSs before and watched **** in the booths without giving much thought to the glory holes. Sucking a guy in a GH has been on my bucket list for years and is really how I like ****. I don't want to see the guy, don't care to talk to them, I just want their ****! So...
    CDAmber CDAmber
    Dec 14, 2011

    A Night At The ABS

    I started going to AB stores at 16 in sin city. I have enjoyed wearing women sexy bra's, panties, stockings and such since I was very young, starting with my mom's and Aunts things when I could. As I got older and driven more to dress up to ********** I began taking clothes from...
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jun 25, 2013

    First Time Gloryhole

    Years ago when i was in my early 20's i used to go to an adult bookstore and it was so seedy. i watched gay movies and saw the hole and was curious about it. i looked and this older man with a big **** stuck it through the hole and i instinctively started sucking it. WOW, so nice...
    curiousclint curiousclint
    51-55, M
    1 Response Jan 12, 2012

    *** Swallower

    I love going to gloryholes. I always enter them barefoot. Because I love the feeling of *****, dirt, on my feet. Makes me feel naughty and nasty. when i go into a booth i immediately get completely naked. I drop to floor and start servicing every **** like a good...
    barefootboy22 barefootboy22
    46-50, M
    1 Response Aug 16, 2013

    Mixed Emotions About These Places

    There is a local place that I've been to a few times over the last few years, and I've received some ******* fantastic ******** from guys in there. On some occasions I've been on the opposite side, giving head. If I have to be brutally honest though, it's been difficult to get...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 30, 2010

    An Exciting And Satisfying Experience

    I got addicted to **** sucking at an ABS glory hole many years ago. After that first experience, I was completely hooked and probably sucked ***** at least weekly for many years. What I found out, is that after any extended period of not practicing this, I became more and more...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 19, 2011

    My Ffirst Glory Hole Experience

                    I remember my discovery holes at the age of 18. I was already obsessed with **** and visited one of the local book stores on my 18th birthday. This store only had toys, magazines and videos. I accumulated a stack of magazines and a vibrating tube...
    indy7up indy7up
    46-50, M
    May 2, 2012

    Well Used ;-)***

    I was waffling on whether or not I should go to he ABS this morning but after inserting a butt plug, sniffing some poppers and cruising a couple sites like this I decided **** it, let's go and see what happens. I showered, shaved my legs and *****, put some lotion on my legs and...
    CDAmber CDAmber
    Jan 11, 2012

    Darker The Berry Sweeter The Juicy

    This morning while out and about  I bomped into this black girl in the store while shopping ang we both smile and it off. I as said im sorry and so did she  and we both reach  at some whip cream at the same time  and she told me the reggular  ...
    Caleb619 Caleb619
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Dec 7, 2010

    Gloryhole Suck Off

    I think its fair to say that i am addicted to sucking **** at gloryholes. I love the smell of the booth and know that just through the wall some guy is wacking off. I'vesaid how i sucked my first **** at thegloryhole but thisis what happened when i was feeling braver. I was...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 12, 2012

    Night At The ABS

    I remember this one ABS in Vegas that was located in an industrial area that at night would be the only thing open. All the businesses in the area would be closed leaving the whole area dark. It had a parking area in front and one in the alley behind it with an entrance at each...
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jun 25, 2013

    I Went In There

    It was my 1st time in an adult book store. I walked to a booth and put quarters in. Men would walk up to the door as if it was empty, look and then walk out. As I wanted to try different booths also so I went to the next one. As this patteren continued I found the ones with the...
    doak3625 doak3625
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Dec 18, 2010

    My First Glory Hole

    My first glory hole was in NYC I dont remember where but I do remember it well. I was 23 and really starting to explore my dressing more and was curious about shemales. So I went out looking for some and lucked out in the city. She wasnt overly pretty but she did have big...
    Cristine3030 Cristine3030
    41-45, T
    1 Response Jul 2, 2012

    Glory Holes

    A few weeks ago I was out of town I got this chance to visit a clubhouse and it had booths with glory holes I was amaze by this. I had to try it out while standimg there thinking I love to suck ***** and have sucked black & white ones. I've had the pleasure of...
    Caleb619 Caleb619
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Jun 21, 2010

    My first time was in downtown Dayton,

    Ohio I had went a couple time and a guy put his **** through it and I ran out but later found I was excited by this next time I went I stood close to the hole and a hand came though and brushed my *** since I didn't,t move it came through again and began fondling my *** even...
    MonicaBond MonicaBond
    2 Responses Nov 30, 2015

    My First Time In An Adult Book Store Gloryhole.

    I was traveling out of town and had that scratch. A scratch that needed to be itched. My scratch originally involved ****, ******, and generally adult bookstore stuff. But I found a new scratch, one that I never thought I would turn into an addiction. As I cruised the store, I...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Oct 4, 2010

    1st Time Useing A Glory Hole

    i remmber the 1st time peekin threw a glory hole.... the next thing i seen was a big hard co*k coming threw the hole. it was my 1st time seeing another man co*k ...i always thought about sucking on a hard throbbing di*k the 1st thing i did was slowly lick the...
    bigcbill bigcbill
    36-40, M
    7 Responses Aug 1, 2010

    Another Fun Day :- )***

    I have become kind of infatuated with going to the ABS. My morning starts with a butt plug to get ready for the day. I follow this with an enema to make sure I'm nice and clean, then jump in the shower to shave my legs, **** and *****. After the shower I will usually put on a...
    CDAmber CDAmber
    Feb 2, 2012

    I found one locally going in

    and seeing how secure and safe for me to dress and undress in the booth to service the men on the other side, I love going as regular as i can it is exciting and very rewarding for me and them using my skills to suck for their pleasure and my filling
    alexiswcd alexiswcd
    56-60, T
    2 Responses Jan 31, 2016

    Afternoon At Glory Hole At Adult Sex Store

    about a week ago I went to the only local adult book store. i have been here before sometimes it is fairly good or busy lately though every time I go no one else is here. this day was slow. I looked around then went upstairs went into a viewing booth and started watching the...
    july55guy july55guy
    Jun 27, 2013

    1st Time At Glory Hole

    my 1st time i went I also knew what the holes were for and as i went to the back there was several guys standing around watching and waiting, i was very nervous but did make eye contact quickly with a few guys then looked away. I went in a booth locking the door putting quarters...
    MonicaBond MonicaBond
    Mar 4, 2013

    Flying High At The Glory Hole Part 2

    (Read part one before starting this for a more complete story) As my head cleared Joy walked over to the door and let Dave in. He explained that he had closed early and we were the only ones in the building except for the two college kids we had seen earlier. One of the kids...
    bigbadwolf69 bigbadwolf69
    51-55, M
    Oct 18, 2013

    Best Blow Job I Ever Got....

    There is a small little **** shop in the Midwestern town I used to live in that I started going to years ago. At first I just went to buy ***** movies and sex toys and didn't't't either know or pay attention to the rooms beyond the front of the store that were sort of...
    burn1 burn1
    36-40, M
    9 Responses Mar 27, 2010

    Glory Hole Lover

    Nothing like the smell and taste of a man's **** when you are on your knees at the glory hole. It make me feel so warn inside as you satisfy him. I love to swallow a strange man's ***** and enjoy a moment of happiness together.
    sweetbottom69 sweetbottom69
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Feb 3, 2012

    My First Experience Using A Gloryhole In An Adult Book Store

    I was 19 years old at the time. Even though I was a virgin and a attractive male at that time, I struggled to have a relationship with anyone. I never ****** anyone before but I decided to do something like this out of being desprite. Also, I was a **** addict and I used to watch...
    1 Response Jan 20, 2013


    i have used a glory hole in an adult book store while dressed as a pink satin sissyslut who my Mistress sent me in to suck ****! ended up sucking 8 ***** that night just love to swallow ***!did look a bit of a sluty mess by the time i was finished since 2 of guys decided the...
    mandiejune mandiejune
    51-55, M
    3 Responses Jun 17, 2010

    Loved Gloryholes

    I loved to suck **** at the local gloryholes, but they have closed them all now. It was so great I could go there for a night of all night sucking, all the *** i could want to swallow. I miss them so much .Would love to find one near the Brockport,NY area.
    sissycuck52 sissycuck52
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jan 16, 2012

    I have been to several adult bookstores with

    gloryholes and have gotten some of the best ******** ever in them. There is one in San Leandro that I go to a couple times a month. I would love to visit one with a woman and **** her from behind while she sucks some ****. ;-)
    Steelrz Steelrz
    46-50, M
    1 Response Aug 11, 2014

    They're Fun At Times

    When I was younger and not getting out sexually as a woman I loved the thought of glory holes. Anonymously sucking ***** and getting my mouth filled with ***. And I did love that the first times I tried it, but the few glory holes here were closed up. But around the same time I...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Sep 26, 2012

    What A Surprise

    I went over the audit report with Tim,I had informed him the formal report would come back in two weeks.I thanked him for his cooperation and packed my things.Amy and Bradley had left to head home,and I was ready to do the same thing.I then saw Marie pull up in the van and...
    bobbyindiapers bobbyindiapers
    46-50, M
    5 Responses Mar 23, 2011

    was just at a new place tonight--the sizes of

    the holes are almost as big as my head. just felt like ******* the guy next to me off. anyway, all he wanted me to do was to squeeze his balls. got kind of tired of it--and since it was a dead night wound up leaving. will try again maybe tomorrow.
    iwana22000 iwana22000
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Apr 30, 2014

    Glory Hole Party

    My wife Joy and I had been talking about spicing up our sex life for a while. We had also discussed smoking freebase coke. We had both been into free base years ago before we met, but had never done it together. We called our friend, I will call him Dave, and asked him if he had...
    bigbadwolf69 bigbadwolf69
    51-55, M
    Jul 18, 2013

    "old Faithful"

    The city where I live in Florida has several book stores with Glory Holes.  I can tell you for sure that when I get horny and need a really good "**** sucking" I head for one of these.  Never fails.  Just drive by and check the cars in the parking lot to see if...
    6alpha9 6alpha9
    1 Response May 10, 2010

    As I let my mind further explore bisexual

    thoughts through the years, I became more and more intrigued by uncut *****. After long consideration, I had finally gave in to temptation and visited a video arcade with gloryholes to explore anonymously. I remember the first time I saw an uncircumcised **** through the hole...
    cervan cervan
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Dec 26, 2013

    EP Allie won't let me tell you about it,

    so message me if you want to find out what happened.
    Gloryous Gloryous
    61-65, M
    Nov 23, 2014

    A very nice adult store in small town SD.

    Kept clean, and well managed. I have visited numerous time, when in the area. It's a place where you will not be pressured - simply welcomed. I embrace the opportunities I've enjoyed, and will continue to visit unless things change radically to the worst. Anonymous engagement...
    stilldoinit stilldoinit
    66-70, M
    1 Response Feb 10, 2015
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