I Hit a Guy

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    I Was 12

    so i was 12 and i had been in a mental hospital forr a couple weeks so when i got back home i didnt start school till a month later. when i got back to school after 2 months i started hearing people talking about me. a guy that i knew had spread a rumor to my entire middle school...
    sebie sebie
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Jan 10, 2009

    3 Guys, Actually...

    I've hit 3 guys that I can remember, but each of these occasions were a long time ago. 1. I had an abusive boyfriend when I was 16. He was 26, very violent and I fought back as hard as I could until I finally escaped from him. 2. I had a much older boyfriend when I was 17 (He was...
    BowieGirl BowieGirl
    22-25, F
    Oct 24, 2010

    It Was In High School

    Okay, so until my little brother joined the marines he was always this little scrawny guy.  We went the same high school, when he was a freshman, I was a junior.  He was always getting picked on by this huge senior, and I have no idea why.  Maybe because...
    J21883 J21883
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Dec 23, 2008

    The baseball bat

    I hit a guy with a baseball bat. I am a light sleeper and can't stand it when my sleep is disturbed. This idiot, jerk, guy was breaking into my next door neighbor's house. He woke me up.  I woke up King.  I put on my robe, got my baseball bat, then went outside and hit the guy...
    WildSpectrumArts WildSpectrumArts
    46-50, F
    4 Responses Nov 28, 2011

    The Devil's Brew Made Me Do It!

    i wasn't one for drinking hard liquor too much, but for some reason i liked W.L WELLER'S whiskey. drank it straight out of the bottle and chased it with beer. one day, me and my bf/lover were sitting around, having drinks and having a good time. after more than a few drinks, we...
    jerrica jerrica
    51-55, F
    39 Responses May 20, 2010

    Never Again!

    I was about 14 and he was in my class. He fancied me too, which probably made it worse for him. I can't remember why I did it, but I kicked him in the nuts. I might have done it for a laugh. The expression on this poor guys face was awful. I might as well have just told him...
    Alexianna Alexianna
    36-40, F
    1 Response Sep 21, 2009

    Once Only ...

    I have to say I'm not proud of it.  But it needed to be done and I don't regret it.   I was in Gothenburg, Sweden, the first night of a six week European tour with a band.  I was road manager.  Everyone had had too much to drink and the lead singer was...
    womaninbliss womaninbliss
    51-55, F
    13 Responses Jun 23, 2010

    Teenage Temper

    I was fifteen (?), exhausted and stressed out on a church youth trip.  Mike made a smartass remark that hit me just wrong... so I smacked him in the back of the head.  Hard.Afterwards, I was horribly ashamed of myself...but it DID get that annoying kid off my azz for a little...
    Plaid Plaid
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jan 29, 2012
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