I Hope Ep Never Shuts Down

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    I am so sorry to see this actually happen.

    It has been a fun ride sharing anonymously, and I have met a number of great people along the way. RIP EP! 2006 - 2016
    gladewalker gladewalker
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Mar 23, 2016

    it was the best of times and the worse of times...

    On this one little site, that I've been a member of for almost two years now, I've experienced much. Fitting, as that is the name of this site, "Experience Project". =p I've experienced true friendships here... and fake-friendships. I have experienced romantic love...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 11, 2009

    Adam, Rick, Dale, Adam...

    Ep is so wonder ful and i hope it never shuts down. ep has opend up the doors to know the most wonderful people, who cant even see it. One of my friends is a bit down on his self, but he has a great heart and wants to help people, he is positive and caring. I know he has a...
    DarkAmber DarkAmber
    18-21, F
    Mar 11, 2010

    I Would Be So Lost....

    I hope EP never shuts down, if something happend to EP and it shut down, I would have no support system what so ever, and I would be even more lonely than I already am....
    deleted deleted
    Jun 7, 2009

    What Would I Do With All My Time?

    I have great friends in RL that are incredibly supportive of me..  Some are not so lucky.   I love getting a chance to talk to these people and help them out.  Also, I spend a lot of time on here because this is a great place to meet others that are amazing...
    BlasphemousAngel BlasphemousAngel
    31-35, M
    Jul 3, 2009

    I May Not Always Have a Computer...

    But I will keep my account on EP open..and hope to check in from time to time..
    deleted deleted
    May 28, 2009

    Hi everyone. ...got the announcement

    that EP are shutting down on the 21st April 2016. Unbelievable & sad to know this ! I have been a wonderful member for almost 3 years....and I must say... Sharing my life experiences here are really awesome & meaningful ! Especially getting to know all human races...far or...
    Tsgirl86 Tsgirl86
    31-35, T
    2 Responses Mar 24, 2016


    If they shut down, where would I go to vent?  HMM WALMART don't have a place for that. Neither does K-MART! :)  Myspace & Facebook everybody can read what you say..and it can cause some tension! 
    ascs ascs
    22-25, F
    May 28, 2009

    Sorry about EP everyone.

    It is not going to be in use from April, read the announcement. If you want to keep in contact with me you can have my email or kik. Bye everyone I've met on here I'm glad I could express myself on here. Thank you EP.
    AliChan25 AliChan25
    26-30, F
    Mar 24, 2016
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