I I'm In A Relationship With A Sociopathic Personality

Most people don't even realize they are involved with a sociopath until it's too late! Are you? 54 People

    Emotional Abuse

    I'm not sure who wrote this, but it is a very good article. My intention of writing this article is to help women out there who are subjected to emotional abuse in their relationship as a result of infidelity. It is a lot harder to provide evidence of emotional abuse than...
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    Mar 29, 2011

    Are You Dating A Sociopath? Recognize The Warning Signs

    I did not write this, but I thought it was easy to understand and might help people in this situation. . dating a Sociopath by Kerry L. Gray   Is there something wrong with your guy? Does he lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, use people then discard them, have fits of rage, seem...
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    Description Of A Sociopath

    This is a description of a sociopathic person... "Are You Involved With A Psychopath?" Stop The Madness By: Michael G. Conner, Psy.D For most of us the idea of a psychopath conjures up images from movies like "Silence of The Lambs" and characters with names like "Hannibal...
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    Trying Not To Be A Corpse Shell Of A Human

    After eight years, my nightmare is ongoing and continues to this day. I am preyed upon like a horrible infestation of fleas upon a animal being sucked dry of life, left anemic and weak. I have to admit that I am trapped by my own insecurities and fears. My life is...
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    The Aftermath Of Victimization By A Psychopathic Individual

    Let me first clarify that a sociopath is just a less scary way of saying psychopath. What we think of as being a psychopath is in the extreme case. This is what happens to the unsuspecting victims of a psychopathic personality.  Here is a list of characteristics...
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    This is kind of off base,

    I'm a sociopath and it isn't just black and white as this article says, there's a spectrum of sociopaths, not all of us do the same things and destory lives like this article says. Yes some sociopaths are identical to this article, but there's a lot of us out there who differ on...
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    Top ten questions about relationships with

    psychopaths/narcissists. I took this from the site psychopathfree.com. I found it to be very helpful. 1. Is he / she really a psychopath? What if I'm just saying that to make myself feel better about my breakup? During the early stages of recovery, this question will repeat...
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    We were together almost 16 years.

    The first 8 years he was married to someone else. I married him 5 years ago. Once we were married, everything changed. I suspected him of being a sociopath and did tons of research on it, but when you are in it, it's hard to see clearly. I realize now I was in love with the...
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    Is He Sociopathic?

    There is something wrong with my husband , he is very controlling ,he cheats , he lies , he leave all sort of house and kids responsibility to me .and he always accuse me of cheating , with him i feel like am walking on egg Shell's all the time.when i decide to leave , he drops...
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    Raising Your Awareness

    About one in twenty-five individuals are Sociopathic, meaning, essentially, that they do not have a conscience. It is not that this group fails to grasp the difference between good and bad;it is that the distiction fails to limit their behavior. The intellectual difference...
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    Help For The Victims Of A Sociopath

    Here are some good sites to get more information on this subject. I got these from http://psychopathresistance.wordpress.com/articles-on-psychopathy/Psychopathy links Related articles The Biological Basis of Evil http://www.systemsthinker.com/interests/mind...
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    How To Describe This Man...

    He used to be very charming, he was smooth and knew all the right things to say. This is my future wife right here, blah blah... When I said I was afraid I loved him, he said it was okay cuz he was falling for me as well. Then he took it back, said he wasn't sure anymore, he...
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