I Im Married to a Muslim Man

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    im married to a Muslim man... He dies not follow his religion throughout the year. However he does participate in Ramadan. I find this very hipocritical. We always end up fighting during this month. I can't take it another year. He's miserable. im uncomfortable around him. I...
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    I been married 28 years I did convert and did feel good but then I was weak and stopped wearing the scarf and praying, although I do believe that islam has the answer to most of the world's problems today!  
    mum8 mum8
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    Ladies what do you think about Muslim men's & as

    for men what do you think about Muslim Woman's ??
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    Planning to Marry a Muslim Man

    hi good day! i am 25 yrs old working here in dubai as a secretary i meet a pakistani man in dubai and turns to be my boy friend hes a muslim and i am a roman catholic. i love him and i know that he also loves me. but there is one instance that my trust was gone because he dated...
    tweetybird2009 tweetybird2009
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    Marriage Matches - Need Advice!!

    I feel weird about asking something like this on an open forum but here goes.. i am an extremely shy person and keep to myself all the time. my parents are going to start looking at suitable prospects for me as i have already turned 21. however, i am scared about how they are...
    lanahamad lanahamad
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    Need Help

    I have been dating a pakistani muslim man for two years, and we were very close friends for seven years prior. He was born in Pakistan, but came to America before turning 1 year old. I love him, and intended on marrying him but he says the only way we can be together is for me to...
    americanchristian americanchristian
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    Why Do Millions Of Chinese Millionaires’ Daughters Want To Marry Abroad Every Year?

    (Global Times) According to Chinese immigration statistics, every year millions of Chinese millionaires’ daughters want to marry abroad in order to get the foreign nationality. What caused this situation? Reporters interviewed several women about it. Meng is the daughter of...
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    May 28, 2013

    So Much Fakeness

    I was young...still am young. i didnt care about religion even though i was brought up as a Christian. I didnt see him as muslim, hes non practicing, but his birth family is, though he was fostered by catholics. its a little confusing. His birth family, called him up one day...
    BrighterDaze BrighterDaze
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    Married In Nov. Now Hes In Morocco While Im Here In America

    I loved being married to him, its almost a year and I converted to Islam. It was the best thing i could have done.... but, then we went to his home country Morocco and I got sick after 2 months and had to go home. Now hes still in Morocco and is "waiting" to hear from the...
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    June 25

    June 25 I will be marrying the man of my dreams yes he is a muslim and he is a very kind man we both have made our mistakes but we have both learned from our mistakes he has became more devout to Islam and I have converted to Islam and we are both looking forward to having a good...
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    A Real Muslim Man

    On my own I am just a half. Searching this world for love, completion, happiness, with a real Muslim man. I prayed to Allah to put me where I belong. Then I waited. Naturally I grew tired and became impatient. I wondered how long. I continued to pray. As I prayed I asked for...
    YassySlade YassySlade
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    He Leave Me When Receive Money

    I married Muslim man but he leaved me next morning when i give him money
    teacher88 teacher88
    3 Responses Dec 15, 2012
    Jackie192019 Jackie192019
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    2 Responses Mar 19, 2014
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