I Know A Living Kundalini Guru

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    The Place Of Kundalini Among The 8 Yoga Branches

    http://swamij.com/bindu.htm This is where the following exerpt is copied from. It is not my work but IS very informative as most hear the word "Yoga" and think only of Hatha Yoga - twisting yourself into pretzels. In fact that is only another of the 8 branches, called Ashtanga...
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    A Good Guru Is Hard To Find. A Hard Guru Is Good To Find

    Yes, I know of probably three who are still alive and others, sadly, I knew who have passed on. It's easy to SAY you are one - I could, but it would be a lie so I won't. There are those out there without a LINEAGE [a necessary but not sufficient condition] who claim to awaken...
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    My Good Man

    Magus Neo Thrion 9• 1- My teacher, frater, and friend. I've had brief kundalini experience, but never full blown, not yet atleast. What have have experienced is bliss on the boarder of uncomfortable.
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    I have seen that many people are curious about

    kundalini. Most websites contain different information on this topic. That’s why, I want to share my own experience. At first, I have been interested about Soul and mind awaking for many years. And when I realize that it can be reached only by awaking kundalini, I started...
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