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    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    Apr 25, 2010

    A Few Of My Favirites

    Theres quite a few songs i know by heart and i love to share them. i love other people shring there fairiite songs they knwo by heart as well. id love to here your Favorites hope to hear from you all soon. the next few titles are some of the ones i know by heart mine are any...
    kiaratiger kiaratiger
    18-21, F
    Dec 18, 2011


    Cute one, I saw you today <3
    indeed16 indeed16
    18-21, M
    Sep 12, 2012

    Bring Me To Life!

    Yeaah... every one of evanencess's songs. Best group eveeeer! And don't get me started on linken park. Geez the lead singer is hawt! XD! My chemicial romance HEHE! I loooooooooooooove that band . Every one of those groups songs I know... I'm nuts HEHEHEHE
    Emoskittlezrockz Emoskittlezrockz
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 2, 2011

    I Know Many

    but only one song comes to my mind when i think of a song i know by heart. it is a song i have herd 100s if not 1000s of times. the song is don't stop believing by journey.s  hearing the song brings back a lot of good memories.
    ilikethebeatles ilikethebeatles
    18-21, M
    Jun 24, 2010

    Yea A Lot

    Well, I'm a singer, so I know about 76893568034 songs by memory by now. Although the song on my Heart right now is Music of the Night
    MariusValjean MariusValjean
    18-21, M
    Mar 24, 2010

    This One

    ChangesBy, TupacYup, yup.I <3 that fuckker's music.
    CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
    Mar 23, 2011

    An Unaccountable Ability

    I suppose there is no way to say this without sounding like a braggart.  I think a lot of people can do this.  I have always had visual problems, which has forced me to develop an exceptional memory.  I started to sing very early in life, and would wake up for years with a...
    Tuck Tuck
    56-60, M
    1 Response Oct 18, 2011


    I can sing along with Elvis if the music is playing. Or another song I can sing without the music B-52's Quiche Lorraine.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 3, 2011


    well, i know a few but this one means a lot. but id ont know ALL of it these hands are small i know, but they're not yours they are my own and i'm never broken povertey stole your golden shoesbut they didn't steal your laughterumm,.... thats it lmao i know lots by...
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 21, 2010

    Many But Two Of My Favs

    i can probally go down a whole list of songs i remember by heart, but the two that i can probally remember word for word without the song even playing are Rabbit Run by eminem and Dont Let Me Get Me by Pink. I rememver rabbit run by heart because i chose to do that for a final in...
    MiracleWhipTrickster MiracleWhipTrickster
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 30, 2010
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