I Know Men Are Battered

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    did not join the 'I hate men who beat their wives' group or a similiar title to that and one in regards to domestic violence, for the simple fact it was very sexist in its assumption of generalising that all victims of domestic abuse are women. I know of someone that...
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    Everywhere we look we see articles on domestic abuse and violence. Newspapers, TV, magizines, posters and more but these things only talk about women. Is it so difficult to imagine that there are millions of MEN out there that are being abused by their wives? Men suffer abuse...
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    The Suggestions I Wrote In The Other Personal Experience

    The story I wrote even though it was talking about, being abused by men. Men are just as vulnerable as women, and the suggestions should apply to both sexes. Abuse is a equal opportunity, factor. Women are the only ones, ever mentioned, for the most part. But there should be more...
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    Feb 11, 2012

    I Was One Of Those Men

    You often read and hear about men abusing women but it is seldom that you hear about women that abuse men. I was in a relationship with a women for 9 years. The first couple of months with her was great. Put then she started hitting me whenever she gets angry for what ever reason...
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    The Shocking Truth About Domestic Violence, Part One

    For decades feminists have ferociously villified the whole male sex over domestic violence. They have portrayed marriage as dangerous for women because it pairs them with those violent beasts known as men. They have forced laws and customs of police enforcement that facilitate...
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    Abuse Is Abuse

      Battered men are the forgotten ones. When we say battred we think of women that are beaten. . no matter who you are or what color no matter of your age batters don’t care what your age if your tall or short, old or young ,male or female abuse is abuse . it doesn...
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    We Have Been And By Both Genders

    I say this in earnesty because i don't want any MRM to be able to pipe up that i don't give a **** about abused men. I Do. I do especially because i have been abused myself BY BOTH GENDERS. I will however say i feel the statistics of men abused physically by women just as often...
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    Emotional And Physical Abuse Of Men, And Even Murder, Is Condoned In Feminist Dominated Nations.

    Abusing or murdering boys and men is not a crime in the US, Canada, and most other "western" nations. When a female shoots he husband in the back with a shotgun, twice, the local "law enforcement" puts it down as "suicide" and she keeps his life savings with their blessings...
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    Domestic Violence And How To Get Help!!

    I have been abused by at least three different men, both physically and emotionally. I joined a women's support group and got an advocate, at a program in my local area. I have been going for three years, and it has helped me tremendously. Look for the local group or program in...
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    The Shocking Truth About Domestic Violence, Part Two

    Http://www.saveservices.org/pdf/Seven-Facts-Every-American-Should-Know-About-DV.pdf ... Men and women initiate domestic violence at similar rates. • Over 250 scholarly studies “demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their...
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    I Am Sometimes

    Sometimes when my mom is making a cake, she'll let me lick the batter out of the bowl.  When I use my finger to scrape it out, I become battered.  I actually taste really good.  Anyone wanna try?
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    Domestic Violence

     Fact #1: One in 10 American couples engages in intimate partner violence each year. About one in 10 married and cohabiting couples experience some form of partner aggression (slap, shove, punch, etc.) each year.1 Fact #2: Men and women initiate domestic violence at...
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           Do any of these questions sound familiar?  "Why don't you leave if it's that bad?" or "How can you let this happen?" or "If I was you I wouldn't put up with that...
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