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I Know Sex Is Very Healthy For People

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    Aliens Are Here

    if sex is healthy for people i must be an alien from a very distant galaxy in another universe as i have had none for so long i can't even remember the last time...i should be on death's doorstep long ago by that criteria !!! my wife doesn't like sex and likes romance only with...
    mistygreen mistygreen
    66-70, M
    5 Responses Apr 29, 2010


    VV¿I was at a local bar and ran into my 4th cousin who moved to town recently. I found him sexy but he's my cuzin! He was also with. A girl or two who were easy prey for himn obvious, too much so. He came over to talk upsetting these close friends or more but didn't seem to care...
    Callie007 Callie007
    Jun 4, 2011

    Sex Is Healthy In Many Ways. Trust Me, I Know

    Night before last and yesterday my wife and I were both gang banged by several different men. Yesterday my wife's live in lover brought over two other women and another man. Our neighbor's daughter was one of the women my wife's lover brought over. After we had all had sex, our...
    TantrikMan TantrikMan
    Dec 11, 2011


    i need sex this xmas badly someone to drive crazy in dubai if u need me holla 0502494876
    dxbdxb dxbdxb
    22-25, M
    Dec 24, 2012

    In The Car

    Once when our daughter was a teenager, she was at a concert. My wife and I were in the car in the parking lot waiting for the concert to be over. To kill time, my wife suggested that we have some fun. She put a blanket over us, and she unzipped my fly. Then the fun really began...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 10, 2012

    Sex And Health Benefits!

    Most of the time  I go to login to my email account, I always check out the yahoo articles to see what is new and interesting. I happened on an article about 7 health benefits of sexual intercourse. So besides being an intimate bonding time with your spouse, you are getting...
    Raycarol Raycarol
    36-40, F
    1 Response Nov 22, 2011

    Sex Is Healthy!

    Especially for decent relationships!
    chillsdavis chillsdavis
    56-60, M
    Aug 30, 2011

    I Would Love To Find Love

    Oh, I am a lonely man. I would love to find love on EP. Am I reaching too high? My instincts tell me, that it would not be possible. I often fantasize about what I would love. As I am all alone in the world now, I would love to find a woman who is young and healthy. She would be...
    deleted deleted
    Dec 16, 2012

    I Honestly

    I honestly don't know how I went without it for so long in my life.. Now, I've reached a point that if I go even a day without it, I feel a disconnect.  Sex with my lover is what keeps us connected.  Obviously we have more than just sex, but to feel that close and that...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Nov 9, 2010

    Sex And Health

    when been young , almost 12 years i was so thin ,  i had never eat well as most of my friends , after  almost 4 years ,i get a lovely girl friend , she told me tothat its so important  to here to help me me to be stronger. i did ask she why is that , she felt shy and said u...
    sandomando sandomando
    Nov 23, 2011

    I Am Lonely

    There is a void in my life. I am now a widower. My sex life has been non - existent for a great deal of time. Sometime, I hope to get back to having a female companion. I don't seek marriage. Just to get to know a woman a bit younger than I am. I would love to find a woman who is...
    deleted deleted
    Dec 11, 2012

    Surely It Is Noticeable

    Certainly many women don't like having their breasts stared at. I often do it. Being a normal red - blooded male, I can't help noticing those two wonderful parts of the female anatomy. How many men have heard women complaining about men looking at their breasts? Surely they often...
    deleted deleted
    Dec 12, 2012

    Looking At My Pictures

    As I have looked at my photos posted in my album, I saw a very virile, young male looking back at me. My body was in such fit shape back then. Certainly, I was not perfect in every way. When I met my wife, I was sexy, young, and a virgin. I was a handsome devil. There were a few...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Dec 26, 2012

    Love Story

    i like love som woman but she love me but this famli not like me i dont no why than i looking woman for get marred thid him .
    maqsoodak maqsoodak
    18-21, M
    Sep 30, 2012

    Sex When Its Right

    Sex when its right and with someone who can just make your body sing is amazing....when you can just let go and not think...just allow your body to do what it will...respond how it wants...take you where it will...I think its one of the reasons I dont usually want to be in...
    wickedlittlepixie wickedlittlepixie
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Nov 23, 2012

    I Seem To Have Replaced Love With Sex

    its so much easier to forget what love feels like when im with a girl for a night no dramas no worries no problem romance is substituted by passion and urge feelings are replaced by images and touches of skin and more yes i have replaced love with sex and that suites me
    ellision13 ellision13
    22-25, M
    1 Response Oct 31, 2012

    Sex Empowered Me

    I remember having a sex drive when I was twelve or so... For me, it was more than just a sex drive. It was how I saw myself, how I felt about myself, and it empowered me. I was alone throughout the whole process of getting to know myself intimately. I celebrated sex quietly...
    viviirose viviirose
    18-21, F
    Aug 19, 2012

    How To Maintain A Healthy Sex Drive ??

    Let's face it, modern life isn't too friendly to the human libido. Contemporary challenges to a healthy sex drive are many: Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, poor nutrition, prescription medications, hormonal birth control, too...
    smartlove007 smartlove007
    41-45, M
    1 Response Jun 10, 2011

    I Am A Virgin

    The problem is, I don't want to. I moved recently to the USA from another country for college, I am 18 years old and I am a virgin. God, it is weird to just think about it. I know it is a very common situation and a lot of people get to this age without having sex... But it is a...
    ithinkiearnedthis ithinkiearnedthis
    18-21, M
    Oct 24, 2012

    Can I Get Your Advice, Group?

    Hi All, I believe that sex is healthy and would like some from my relationship, The trouble is that my girlfriend is kind of scared of sex, she has only had one partner and she didn't like sex with him, eventually he left her because of the lack of sex in the relationship...
    Vasteel Vasteel
    26-30, M
    1 Response Feb 25, 2012

    I Went To A Church Singles Night

    Once, as a single man in my 20s, I went to a singles night our church offered. I was somewhat disappointed that there was a very light turn out. My sister and I were both single and we went together. No people our age showed up. The best prospects at the time were two women in...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 4, 2012

    Open Bite

    looking for someone like me with open bite to share some experience
    donbee02 donbee02
    22-25, M
    Dec 3, 2012

    Yes Is It Healthy

    but i still find myself EXTREMELY shy about sex. EXTREMELY.    iv come to realize, when in a good relationship with a guy whos open and patient, i do open up more. it really does help me. i find i have to have someone with me to guide me through my sexuality. i...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Apr 30, 2010

    One Of The Necessities Of Life

    Till when I had my first sexual encounter when I was 11 my parents kinda kept me in the dark about things of a sexual nature. When I finally had it though I craved it, from sneaking around to the neighborhood boys when I was just starting out in my early teens, to almost nightly...
    SweetKate8 SweetKate8
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Dec 19, 2011

    Ihave Sex Every Night

    i have sex every night with my boyfriend and iam pregnat
    sextube21 sextube21
    18-21, F
    Jul 7, 2012


    SO I am married and 8 years yonger than my hubby. I love my hubby so much, but get sooo frustrated that his sex drive is lacking. Don't get me worng, when we DO make love, it is amazing! But I would love to have sex least once! And his libido is such that I am lucky...
    convinceme convinceme
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jan 7, 2011

    I Agree

    IMO, few people know the purpose of sex, or ever experience the greater power and beauty of sex's potential, This is a great misfortune for the human race.     I believe, from personal experience, that "making love is an un-natural act!  Some even doubt that having sexual...
    GodfreyDanielMOP GodfreyDanielMOP
    70+, M
    Sep 24, 2011

    2013...the Year Of Health???? ;-)

    Since I hit my fourties, I have really come into my own. I got fit, physically look and feel better than ever. Emotionally, balanced happy...leaving my cold marriage. Positively looking to the future. I have had to start over, with nothing, my goal being completely independent. I...
    slsr slsr
    41-45, F
    Dec 30, 2012

    Just Some Of The Documented Benefits Of Sex

    Just some of the benefits of frequent sex: Lower mortality rates. Reduced risk of prostate cancer. Improves posture. Boosts self esteem. Makes a person feel younger. Firms tummy and buttocks. Keeps spouses connected emotionally. Offers pain-relief. Gives people a positive...
    Encounteru Encounteru
    61-65, M
    13 Responses Oct 2, 2010

    I Have Had Only One Sex Partner

    My wife has been the only sex partner I have had. We haven't had sex in about 8 years. I still have a great sex drive. At this point I would not need to take any kind of pills to get me sexually stimulated. I have to excite myself and satisfy myself. The fact of the matter is...
    deleted deleted
    Oct 13, 2012

    I Don't Know What To Think

    As a young, single man, I had a friend from college. He was often having casual flings with women I never even knew. Sometimes, one would just show up and they would enter his room, and wouldn't emerge until maybe hours later.One time, a few years later, I believe that he was...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 3, 2012

    It Prevents Minor Medical Ailments

    I caught my breath when he said it. A feeling of dread swept over me.  I can't help it.  When everything's not exactly right for him, I get worried.  I wonder if he realizes that.  His health is important to me because I have big plans for the man.  I want to sweep him off...
    milkynips milkynips
    46-50, F
    Aug 24, 2012


    Why is that when we all talk about sex we feel so embarrass to voice out those things?Well i feel bad also but what the heck as long i never mention the real names,why would i feel bad about it when i have a very memorable time with her.Well this is about the girl that i was with...
    tawam tawam
    36-40, M
    Aug 23, 2012

    I Was A College Student

    As a college student, I worked part - time for a famous fast food restaurant which shall remain nameless. My age was about 23. I was probably at least as old as the man who was in charge. They had me cooking French Fries. All of the others who worked at the restaurant were in...
    deleted deleted
    Dec 24, 2012

    I Miss Healthy Sex

    I am a 45 year old woman who has not had sex in several months, which I hope that makes a strong come back very soon. I have been single several months now but have met a nice gentleman who does love and care for me very much. That is the most important thing is to know and feel...
    spiritualseductress spiritualseductress
    Dec 23, 2011

    Have you seen Hugh Hefner,

    that guy is 88 and still... Let's just leaving at that.
    markhazard77 markhazard77
    36-40, M
    Aug 11, 2014

    Sex Is Toys Can Be Tried To Ruin My Life

    Getting a healthy sexual outlook was a process that took time for the age of 30 I had never even owned a sex toy...*blushingly rolls eyes* I know, right? My friend Tonie came to visit, she was 7 yrs younger, and was appaled I didn't have a vibrator. When I told her I had...
    wickedlittlepixie wickedlittlepixie
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Aug 21, 2012

    Oh If Only....

    Oh if only I could feel your fingers brushing ever so lightly over my nipples feeling how they respond as if a light breeze has gently kissed each one under a bright blue sky transforming them into deliciously tempting dark red cherries Oh if only I could feel your sweet lips...
    Lofn2010 Lofn2010
    51-55, F
    Nov 12, 2011

    So What? It Is Not Organic Food.

    I am here to ask questions-If I know sex is very healthy, so what? Sex is a privilege; nobody has "right" to have sex; he/she is licensed to have it. I may go buy organic food or go to a gym if I have extra money if I want to live healthily, but sex? Sorry, I am not ready to go...
    InFiDeL0020 InFiDeL0020
    31-35, M
    Jan 3, 2013

    So We Did It Again

    My Oldman ....Can. Wow it just feels so great having this huge guy inside of me!
    Babrapayne Babrapayne
    18-21, F
    Oct 6, 2012

    But Please, Please Be Smart About This!

    Ladies and gentleman, please put on your thinking caps before reading: First of all, Ladies: If you are in high school, college or about to start your dream career,  not yet married or not in a stable relationship and you are not ready to bring a child into the world, or you DON...
    bajana bajana
    22-25, F
    Oct 24, 2012

    ''i Know Sex Very Healthy For Ppl''

    SEX is certainly healthy for ppl of all ages it promotes well being better physical and mental health ppl who have sex when older live longer thqan those who don,t when they are older.its a basic ne4ed for all so why not enjoy it.
    mycuzinvinni mycuzinvinni
    46-50, M
    Nov 2, 2011

    Fun At The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight show at a military camp. This funny looking young soldier boy (reminded me of actor Daniel Radcliffe so I called him Potter), in his late twenties, was eagerly wooing me at a military camp I was visiting. I ignored him but he didn't give up and...
    Lofn2010 Lofn2010
    51-55, F
    Nov 9, 2011

    Guided Fantasy

    Hello Everyone, we are proud to announce that our new and innovative album "Guided Erotic Fantasies Vol. I" has been released on iTunes and CDBaby - Amazon yet to come. The album contains 10 full lenght tracks / total of over 105 min. You are only limited by your imagination. The...
    PeniWise PeniWise
    26-30, F
    Jun 16, 2012

    A Man And A Woman Make Love

    There has always been a question as to why a man and a woman would just get into bed together for sex. But, I understand that there is a certain lust that we sometimes have for one another. Many times we have a sexual urge. There is an urgent need for a man to "get his rocks off...
    deleted deleted
    Jan 12, 2013

    Sex Is Healthy.

    Sex is healthy for us. The more sex we have the better we feel, our blood pressure is lower, and we are less depressed. The more sex we have with our spouse, the more faithful we will be to him or her. ****** is good for you and your lover.
    deleted deleted
    Nov 13, 2012

    Admit It!

    I was a heck of a lot skinnier and in better shape when my EX and I were regularly having good sex. (It was a decade ago, can't believe I still remember. LOL!) We were even hitting the gym together so we can stay in shape and keep up with the endurance. When you're having good...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 3, 2010

    Swallowing ***

    I am know that drinking a man's ***** every week is very healthy, more than twice a week. The man must be healthy.  google ***** therapy. I am divorced and I want to do this.  I am overweight and doing Hot Yoga almost every day.  I want to get in better shape, and lose weight...
    MsCatKitty MsCatKitty
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Nov 28, 2012
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