I Know Some People Who Are Angels In Disguise Here On Earth

I know a few right here on this site ! 173 People


    Amen to that there are so many they are every where in so many different places and situations and I am very thankful they are
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    Looking For People Who Want To Change This World In Better

    Hey :) I'm looking for people who want to change this world in better, people who care about others, people who want to give and receive love. The idea is that we all come together and send positive energy to all the people. Anyone out there who wants to help? It doesn't...
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    With Halo & Wings

    People come to our lives unexpectedly. We just click with them then build a connection. I have met several who can make me smile when I am near to tears...some who  can make me laugh when am in pain and a few can make my world a joyous one amidst some heartbreaks. I do believe...
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    Someone,ANYONE. PLEASE get ahold of me.

    I'm an angel. I'm only 15.. But I've regained my memories. When I was 3-4,god came to me in a dream and told me my mission. As I forgot,my mission was still an idea planted in my head. My mission is to help lost souls. I help people with problems,and I've saved 11 human lives. I...
    MatthewAngel23 MatthewAngel23
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    Two have actually came into my life.

    Changed me entirely. When u speak to these people it's as if your soul is swimming in a pool of cool water. You're at peace. They changed my life and disappeared. Phone numbers disconnected I can't for the life of me find them. They were my angels
    ADeepPerspective ADeepPerspective
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    Angels Are Not Disguised, If You Open Your Eyes You Will See Them Everywhere.

    As the life was falling from my body and i was drifting into unconciousness!I was alone in a bedsit after another bad night of sickness from the heroin addiction i had at the time. I was desperate for a fix and was in such a desperate state i would of done most anything to remove...
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    May 7, 2011

    Not Only Angels.........

    The first I meet some years ago is my wife. She's steady my great Angel. Thus on EP board I actually share with Ladies who also seems to be Angels just issued from paradise :)
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    Good Company

    When you're in the company of angels things are always looking up.Angels are good company. They never let you down. Always on time. Have the fragrance of home baking. Are warm. Make you laugh. Hold you when you cry. Listen to you. Cause butterflies in your tummy. Put you on the...
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    My Angel

    know a very special angel on this site she really is so special i know for certain that she is much to good to be a normal person think she is a angel no think she is queen of the angels
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    I Love Appreciators

    This is the Home of Earth Angel Stories www.angelwingkisses.com   These stories are told by the Givers and Receivers of Angel Wing Kisses.  They could be about the people who inspired you and left you with the feeling your heart had just been kissed by an Angel...
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    Aug 14, 2008
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