I Know Someone Who Died of Aids

one of my dads best friends 32 People

    Very Many.....

    I worked at the London Lighthouse, an AIDS hospice for 19 months. I was in administration which meant I was a general dogsbody in the office!  But I made friends with a lot of the patients and it broke my heart when each died.
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    One Of The First

    I knew Richard was gay. We had an encounter when I was just out of high school. I am fairly sure that Richard did not have AIDS until three or four years later. I am 70 and still OK, so I believe he was clean when we hooked up. I got married and lost contact with him. Some 1...
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    I Still Miss My Boys..

    T and L were very good friends of mine.  We met online back in the AOL days and we used to get together every weekend at a local club and hang out, sometimes we would go to each others' houses for dinner or have BBQs or whatever.  We had a rather large group of friends...
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    My Mother

       Having just received the requirements for my sixth grade science project, I was confident my project would not only be unique, it would be unforgettable. I would not research why the sky was blue, or where the colors of rainbows came from, because I was not just interested...
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    He Was My First Cousin

    I lost my first cousin to A.I.D.S..  I always admired him as a kid.  He was the oldest of eight cousins and was always very good looking and being about four years older than myself he was always good and kind to me.  He had three younger sisters where I had no...
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    He Was Sweet!

    He loved Princess Diana. He would help me through my depression. My dad worked with him, and his friend said "You know if you hang out with me, people might think you're gay." My daddy-o was like so what? May he be in Heaven now.
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