I Know the Speed of Light Is Not the Highest Speed Possible

IT IS NOT 2 People

    And They Finally Proved It At Cern

    The speed of light can be exceeded even in our Universe.But I first said. I am a genius. Smarter than Einstein. Einstein was only limited to the speed of light.   
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    Every Normally Thinking Individual Would Very Easily See Why

    Einstein was a highly skillful individual still he and all the people who support his theories only explore one single scope/alternative OF THE GREAT BROADNESS OF SCOPES/ALTERNATIVES OUT THERE.    All the current concepts in physics and astrophysics much involve THAT...
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    Sorry About the Logo, This Isnt My Group...

    I love science topics and such things. I grew up in a mountain town in southern california. I just happen to know for a fact, where Einstein measured the speed of light. In my home town, there is a monument constructed there. It is a small pyramid built of river rocks, about 6ft...
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