I Know What Women Want

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    I Know What Women Want... But the List Is Endless.

    They want you to be strong. (If a man can take care of himself, he can take care of a woman). They want you to be fun. (To remove them from the drab reality of life.) They want their friends to want you. (It's competitive) They want you to take control. They want to feel out...
    velosapien velosapien
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    7 Responses Jul 25, 2008

    I Do You Know

    Of course if I tell you I will appear patronising and you don't want that... see, already fallen into the trap! You want me to listen and then step back. You don't me to then tell you what you mean. You want me to act on your words and when I get it wrong because what I heard isn...
    AngeGardien AngeGardien
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    3 Responses Aug 25, 2013

    Tuesdays with DEGBEME March 4,

    2014 RLB2: sigh. Need some expert advice. *sits down* Its women. They don't seem to do what I want them to do! How do I get them to do what I want them to do!? DEGBEME: Well there is your first mistake. What you want them to do might not be what they want to do. You...
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    Truth Is, It All Depends, But There Are Reliable Categories

    To some women, the French language is sexy. To others, there's something unmasculine about it. Some women like men who are pretty like girls. Some go for the guys with square jaws and Neanderthal foreheads. And some girls don't care what he looks like and just think about the...
    helpfulguy helpfulguy
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    7 Responses Dec 5, 2007

    What Women Want...the Neverending Question....

    Men always want to know what women want and women always want to know what men want. For years we have fought tirelessly trying to understand one another. It’s a tricky game. Even the famous psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, famously asked the question, “What do women...
    snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
    46-50, F
    19 Responses Jul 5, 2009

    What Women Want From Men

    Well I wrote a story what men want from marriage so thought it was time I wrote a story about what women want so.... Are you ready for this?She wants..... A man who leads! So many men make the mistake of giving their power away to women to gain approval. He doesn't lead because...
    RobertaSunset RobertaSunset
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    8 Responses Jun 28, 2011

    Diablessse Diablessse
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    5 Responses Mar 7, 2014

    I Need a Mind Reader and a Little More...lol

    I recently read an article about what women really want. While some of it was run of the mill stuff you always here. Some of it was a little different. I am posting it here to get your thoughts and of course additions! :) I hope you enjoy the read...Personally # 1...
    snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
    46-50, F
    7 Responses Aug 21, 2009

    I don't know , and i doubt

    if they (women) know , I'll tell a fiction story that might explain. A woman want to enjoy trip from New York to Chicago so she decide to take private plane , she has No idea what rout or altitude , just wanna enjoy flying . The pilot takes off , circles few miles in the ocean...
    xthedreamerx xthedreamerx
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    3 Responses Dec 26, 2013

    No, Not Really

    But, this is what I do. When she walks into the room she has my full attention. She sees the joy in my face, When she sits down to breakfast she may find a single rose beside her plate. A call to her office just to tell her that I'm thinking of her and that I love her. When...
    lifetolive lifetolive
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    10 Responses Nov 10, 2011
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