I Know Why The Internet Is Slow

The Internet is complex; there are many reasons it is slow. 9 People

    Internet Infrastructure:The Devil Is In The Details: No 1

    Concerning the Internet infrastructure, the devil is in the details. Until a few months ago, whenever the Internet I was using would experience a dramatic reduction in speed, I blamed my poor PC, figuring that my computer must be too weak or too slow. Well, after doing some...
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    The Devil Is In The Details No 2

    As stated before, the global intercommunication network we know as the "Internet", is exceedingly vast...to the tune of 100s of trillions of pages...an estimated 210 billion emails were sent PER DAY in 2008 alone. So, since we agree how truly gigantic this system is, we must...
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    I Know Why

    I know why,It's quite simple,False promises that can't be met!
    mrraincoat mrraincoat
    Sep 20, 2012
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