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    Son Not Visiting His Family/dr Phil

    Dr. Phil aired a show on Aug 20th, 2008. The show was about a family whom hated their DIL. The family consisted of father, mother, daughter and 2 sons. The son was married to a women whom his family hated. The family hated her because they blamed her for the change they...
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    I Haven't Done Anything Wrong

    My mil has told my husband time and time again that she has not done anything to offend me. Yet, the list is so long I could not begin to list it here. Her only complaint about me? I ignore her. Well, I ignore her because of all the things she has done and continues to do to me...
    Cassie12 Cassie12
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    1 Response Jun 27, 2008

    Bitter Dil

    I was a bitter DIL, and to some degree, I still am. However, the best and most valuable and helpful advice I've gotten is from other MILs. I have MIL friends in my real life who have problems with their daughter-in-laws, yet they like me and I like them. I feel like I helped them...
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    I was just signing on and my home page is on aol...I noticed that one of the headlines when first signing on was about the main causes of divorce. Just out of curiosity I checked it out and sure as heck there it was #6: INLAWS! It said that parents just don't leave...
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    My Grandaughter

    I just received a phone call from my 5 an a half year old granddaughter. She has a problem. She telephoned to ask me if I ate dinner and if there was any food left over at my house because she was hungry. I began to ask her questions. Turns out, my daughter is at the...
    chaus chaus
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    Jun 3, 2008

    A Dil Is Unwelcoming

    Imagine a scenario that happens very day. Martha's son gets married only to find that her new DIL, Beth, obviously does not want her around very often. When Martha attempts to make plans with Beth and Martha's son, John, they always seem to be busy. Not only that, but Beth...
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    What the Heck???

    What the heck is a mil, and what the heck is a dil?
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    My Friend's Mil

    I went to a party at my friend's house recently. Her ILs were there. I met her MIL and she was my favorite friend at the party. People my age were there, but the MIL was better company. My friend was going out of town for the weekend, leaving her MIL with the kids. Her MIL and I...
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    A Good Question?!?

    Okay, the following question came up and I would like to ask all of you: With the relationships you have with your MIL/DIL would you be upset if sickness or death fell over them?   I don't like to see anyone fall ill or die...and I wouldn't necessarily feel any emotions...
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    Grandparent Rights ?

    There are cases where a couple marries, have a child and the child has 2 perfectly good sets of grandparents. For the sake of argument, lets say that Tom and Sue are married and have a child Julia. Julia's father died in an auto accident when Julia was 18 months...
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    In Response to All Past Stories On the "I Like a Mils & Dils Group":

    Good God this forum is so long!!! It took me at least 45 mins to finish reading everyone's comments. First off, Momofmatt-I am so sorry to hear about your pending divorce! My deepest sympathies to you! Cottontop, you have definitely shown that you can listen to both sides of us...
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    Laws and Religion

    The society that we enjoy today exists because of laws that were made and passed by our fathers. All our laws are  based entirely on Christian religious beliefs. Is it time for the 5th commandment be to changed to accommodate our young people's new beliefs of...
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    Desperate Housewives

    Did anyone watch the show last night? Whether your a mil or dil, the storyline was hysterical. "Mike's" mother IS my mil! I swear the writers must have interviewed my mil to come up with that characterization. If you didn't see the show, the mil was alone with Susan...
    Cassie12 Cassie12
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    Blaming the Dil

    In my husband's family, I noticed right away that I was blamed for anything they don't like in their relationship with us. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had all-day every day morning sickness for several months. There was a family holiday party and I knew there was...
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    I Wanted to Share This Article Off of Usatoday.com

    CHICAGO (AP) — Eve Pidgeon watched the large group of kids, many of them laughing and chatting excitedly as they boarded a bus for summer sleepaway camp last summer. "They just couldn't wait," says Pidgeon, whose 8-year-old daughter Zoe was among the young...
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    DIL Dilemma

    I am going to write a lot of my stories in the third person, because they are not always based on me. Hope you all don't mind. Jennifer is a busy mother of four boys. She works full-time and does a lot to raise her children well and keep her home running in good order. Her...
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    There's An Actual Name For It...

    Imagine this...they've actually come up with the name "Mother In Law Syndrome" this is what SO MANY of us DIL's have been talking about - and describing. Funny how this is REAL. (uncyclopedia.com) The infamous mother-in-law is dreaded by many innocently married men and...
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