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    4 Responses Jun 26, 2015

    I like girls farting,

    any girl that doesn't mind farting or is near Washington, D.C. Message me
    Esteban123901 Esteban123901
    18-21, M
    Jun 8, 2015

    Crazy story - the girl from the super market

    is here in a black thong on all fours. She loves to be dominated so I'm making her suck my **** slowly. I'm gna make her fart on my **** then sniff n suck it.
    gassmassk15 gassmassk15
    26-30, M
    1 Response Oct 11, 2014

    I miss the days of being able to fart intense

    and putrid farts. Now I just have a small one every now and then. I guess it saves me embarrassment but at the same time farting made me feel more human.
    anonymous1097 anonymous1097
    56-60, M
    Nov 19, 2015
    Chillfarts Chillfarts
    26-30, M
    4 Responses Nov 2, 2015

    Some guy once told me to sit on his face,

    and I was scared so I did. I pulled up my dress and pulled Down my panties next sat on him like a toilet, he licked me, I got scared and started farting and crying and peeing. I tied to get up next he pulled me back down to his face to smother him some more. It made me cry and...
    Alexa20163 Alexa20163
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Dec 14, 2015
    shannondynasty shannondynasty
    26-30, F
    10 Responses Aug 14, 2015

    I am in love with all kinds of farts!

    I love really deep, bubbly bassy ones! And of course the smellier the better! I hope one day to be able to sniff another girl's farts, but I guess mine will do for now!
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    23 Responses May 4, 2015
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    Jul 4, 2015

    women are just as disgusting

    as men when it comes to farting. as for me, i have no shame around either. when i have to rip one, i have to rip one. even funnier when i do it in someone's face when they're not expecting ;)
    amylfs92 amylfs92
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Aug 16, 2015

    I would love to write about an experience

    but sadly I have never had one is there any girl that is open about talking about then farting or anything of that nature???????
    26-30, M
    Feb 27, 2016

    Hey, I'd really love to do some RP with someone

    on this site about farting. If any lovely ladies are interested dont hesitate to message me or leave a response and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!
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    1 Response Apr 27, 2015
    candyman345 candyman345
    22-25, M
    Oct 17, 2015
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    15 Responses Dec 28, 2015

    I'm just kind of lounging around my place this

    morning and waking up. I already took my morning **** (it was huge), but I've still got some crazy morning gas! This is one of my favorite times to have gas haha, cause I can just enjoy letting it all out. It feels so good!
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    2 Responses Oct 18, 2015

    My Song About Farts From Family Guy

    Bennett130 Bennett130
    13-15, F
    1 Response Apr 28, 2010
    Quietguy1234 Quietguy1234
    18-21, M
    Feb 21, 2016

    My favourite types are the wet,

    bubbly ones that follow up with poop :3
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    1 Response Apr 16, 2016

    So one day I was in the car waiting

    for my mom to get out of the store and I had really bad stinky gas. And I had been letting it rip since I got in the car and they didnt smell bad to me. As soon as my mom opened her door she gagged and asked me what smells like rotting meat
    DinoDaily DinoDaily
    16-17, F
    1 Response Jun 25, 2015

    Had my HUGE Mexican dinner

    and am eating my dessert now! Feeling pretty rumbly from those burritos, nachos, and guacamole lol! It's gonna be an interesting night.. ;)
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    1 Response Oct 22, 2015

    I Wish

    i had a female friend that was comfortable enough around me to fart, i find it to be such a turn on!
    dirtyguy69 dirtyguy69
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jun 3, 2011
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    1 Response Jun 26, 2015

    Me and my wife spent the night at a hotel

    and being all alone we plans to have sex of course. Before we started to take our close off she lifted her leg and let out a big fart which she knows turns me on! I got hard right way and she let another off and thinking don't fart em all out save some for me and so she got on...
    Andrewbartlett23 Andrewbartlett23
    22-25, M
    Feb 28, 2015

    All I want Is for some girl,

    somewhere to message me, I don't need a relationship, all I need is a cyber relationship, nothing big.
    Imfeelinggood16 Imfeelinggood16
    22-25, M
    Sep 20, 2015

    I have been letting them rip all evening

    and my room is really starting to smell! Best scent to fall asleep to.
    davidjc331 davidjc331
    18-21, M
    Feb 11, 2016
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    3 Responses Dec 27, 2015
    diaperlove332 diaperlove332
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Jul 5, 2014
    bigsmoke7378 bigsmoke7378
    22-25, M
    1 Response Oct 19, 2015
    blazer123901 blazer123901
    18-21, M
    Aug 19, 2015

    I'm planning on going out with some friends

    tomorrow afternoon to hang out, and we're going to be having some Mexican food afterwards, followed by ice cream. ;) the aftermath of all of that will not be pretty hehe. Would love to chat with you about it. ;P (girls only)
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    3 Responses Oct 21, 2015

    Any single guys want to fart on me

    and also I want to hear gay or either straight guy farts ;).
    smile655 smile655
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Feb 22, 2015

    I love the sound and the smell.

    :) I smell my own farts all the time and love it! I was with my friends recently and one of them was really gassy and was farting up a storm. They were soo stinky and I as in heaven haha.
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    4 Responses Oct 17, 2015

    my little fart https://www.

    sweetgirlp sweetgirlp
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Sep 23, 2015

    Someone tell a story of how they farted on

    their girlfriend. Only male farting on female. Nothing else
    lydiabbyy lydiabbyy
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Jul 1, 2015

    let it rip upbeat. I laugh

    when I fart...can't wait for the I am out . .who sinks I am going crazy hold a special place for a fart contest
    Ace45w Ace45w
    36-40, F
    5 Responses Aug 3, 2015

    I like wet/bubbly farts

    but that's just me.
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    3 Responses Nov 9, 2015
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